FL Gun Confiscation Begins

We’ll address our web poll question as we open our Tuesday.  Does an atheist Navy chaplain make sense to you?  There are a couple of interesting letters in Florida Today.  One’s good, the other is not so good, unless you aren’t a fan of mine, in which case, you’ll think they are the opposite!

Brevard Schools and the County have some adjusting to do and the news is like it’s the end of the world.  It’s a DELAY in getting FEMA reimbursement.  It not like blowing $8m on a bad software deal that we won’t get back.  We are talking less than a quarter of that money and it’ll be paid, just be patient- which is what led to that other situation anyway! 

Florida has seen its first gun confiscation under the new law.  Was it appropriate?  Does it cause you concern?  Does Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran have a political future?  After this session of big government from Tallahassee and no respect for the 2nd Amendment I hope not.  His big power moves running roughshod over all of us would not fit well in the governor’s mansion and his policies would be devastating to the state.

An Uber self driving car hit and killed an Arizona pedestrian.  It had a human back-up driver.  That didn’t help either.  The technology is not yet ready and someone needs to be holding them accountable…them includes the delusional governments that allowed this death trap on the streets!  In New Jersey schools are going after guns and students who even go supervised with parents to shooting ranges.  They are acting way beyond the scope of their authority and this nonsense also needs to stop.


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