Mick's Morning News 03.19.18

Sixth Bridge Collapse Victim ID'd (Sweetwater, FL) -- The wife of a victim of the bridge collapse is facing what she calls excruciating days ahead. That's what Homestead's Chelsea Brownfield wrote on Facebook yesterday after husband Brandon was identified as the sixth and last victim killed in last week's incident. The 39-year-old father of three was killed while he was driving home from his job as a tower crane technician for Maxim Crane Works. His death came one month before his fourth wedding anniversary.

Attendance At Bike Week Estimated At 500K (Daytona Beach, FL) -- Early numbers from Bike Week aren't adding up well for local businesses. As the 77th annual event wrapped yesterday in Daytona Beach, vendors reported slower sales than a year ago, with one food vendor estimating a drop of up to 25-percent. While others said the crowds seemed smaller this year, the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce counted about 500-thousand visitors. Chamber COO and EVP Janet Kersey tells the "Daytona Beach News Journal" the crowds likely looked smaller because the event was more spread out this year.

Proposal Expected Soon For Brevard County Golf Course (Merritt Island, FL) -- Brevard County appears to be moving closer to getting out of the golf course business. A homeowner's association could make an offer as soon as tomorrow to buy the Savannahs at Sykes Creek in Merritt Island. The county commission held a workshop last week to discuss the future of that course and two others. Commission Chair Rita Pritchett tells "Florida Today" she hopes selling the golf courses will be a win-win for both sides. WE HAVE THE STORY ON TAP SHOULD WE GET TIME THIS WEEK ON BML.

Gillum Campaigning In Northeast Florida (Jacksonville, FL) -- Tallahassee's mayor is spreading a message teachers might be receptive to. Andrew Gillum brought his campaign for governor to St. Augustine this weekend where he discussed raising teacher pay. Gillum says, if elected, he'll push for a starting salary for teachers of 50-thousand dollars. FloridaPolitics.com reports it was Gillum's first campaign appearance since a fundraiser last week in California hosted by Alec Baldwin and other actors. THIS COULD ALSO BE CHARACTERIZED AS FLORIDA DEMS WANT TO BANKRUPT THE STATE.

Lieutenant Fired For DUI (Largo, FL) -- A sheriff's lieutenant finds herself on the other side of the law and out of a job. Pinellas County Lieutenant Christi Ruhtz was fired after her arrest for drunk driving yesterday morning. Deputies responded to a call of a driver going in reverse and honking her horn in Largo. Deputies say that driver turned out to be Ruhtz.  The 19-year veteran cop was arrested after she failed field sobriety tests. MAYBE SHE WAS JUST RENIACTING A SCENE FROM “HOOPER.”

$95,000 Needed For Personal Happiness (Undated) -- How much money does it take to achieve personal happiness? Ninety-five-thousand dollars seems to be the perfect salary for personal satisfaction. Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia surveyed nearly two-million-people to get to the conclusion. They found that individuals making $95k each year are best able to balance their work and personal lives. The study also suggests that earning between 60-thousand and 75-thousand dollars lends to emotional well-being. In the United States, the average household income is about 65-thousand-dollars and 75-percent of workers earn less than 75-thousand-dollars. APPARENTLY WE ARE AN UNHAPPY LOT.

Woman Tries Ordering Breakfast At Jail Gate (Riverhead, NY) -- Authorities on Long Island say a woman pulled up to a window Friday morning and ordered a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Lizbeth Ildefonso wasn't at a fast food joint, though, she was at THE joint. Ildefonso reportedly drove up to the security booth at Riverhead Correctional Facility in Suffolk County to place her order. On closer inspection, deputies said Ildefonso had dilated, glassy eyes and a white powder on her nose. She failed a sobriety test and was arrested. BUT, DID SHE GET HER BREAKFAST?


2016, Pope Francis joined Instagram. The head of the Roman Catholic Church quickly added a million followers within 12 hours of joining. That broke the previous record of adding a million followers which was held by soccer star David Beckham.

2003, two days after President George W. Bush gave Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to go into exile or face military action, the U.S. military began airstrikes against Iraq.

1987, Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as chairman of the PTL ministry. He stepped down as a result of the sex and money scandal involving Jessica Hahn.

1957, Elvis Presley purchased the Graceland Estate in Memphis, Tennessee.

1949, the American Museum of Science and Energy opened in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

1918, Congress approved Daylight Saving Time. It enabled Congress to establish time zones for the U.S. The move was made to save fuel and promote the economies in a time of war.  TWO WEEKS AGO THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE DECIDED TO KEEP IT ALL THE TIME… WE SHALL SEE IF CONGRESS GOES ALONG WITH IT.

1831, Edward Smith stole 245-thousand dollars from the City Bank of New York City in what became one of the country's first bank robberies.

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