Adult Kids, Aging Parents & Alzheimer's

If we are fortunate we have our parents with us for a good long time after we reach adulthood.  It’s a great blessing for most of us, but for some it becomes a challenge that is taken on as they age, become less healthy and in some cases fade away before their bodies give out.  Florida Today’s Britt Kennerly has written about her experiences, her family’s, as Alzheimer’s gradually takes her mother from her.  She calls it “The Long Goodbye” and it is just that.  Britt shares her story with us in our 8am hour today. 

While high school students clamor for their rights to be taken away, Melbourne is not immune.  And these students, spoiled as they apparently are, believe they know it all and want what they want with no dissent.  It’s understandable; they are scared and upset and want to feel secure.  It’s a shame gun control activists are taking advantage of that and misleading these kids into believing that their answer is an actual solution.  But, what if Parkland didn’t have to happen?  And what has that event taken from students who were there?  We have a look in today’s 7am hour.

As we begin our day what would you do if your HOA decided your religion was intrusive?  Yep, it’s happened.  And some good news for Palm bay PD a month after one of their officers had a McDonald’s em0ployee refuse to serve him.  Welcome to our talk week; let’s get started!


Bible study banned by HOA

A silver lining for PBPD after McDonald’s snub


Britt Kennerly- The Long Goodbye (dealing with parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s)

Golf course deals close?


What Parkland did to our kids

SRO wanted shooter committed

Does Corcoran have a future? 


WALKOUT: Ohio student suspended for staying in class

Others punished for walking out

The NAVY has lost it

Schools DO NOT have this authority

On a related note…even more school intrusion

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