Innovative Bridge Collapse in Miami

A bridge collapse in Miami could have been more devastating.  It’s a new design and it wasn’t even open yet.  Four are dead and several are wounded.  We’ll have a live report from Miami in our 7am hour. 

BIG TONY is moving up in the BFT.  You union members, given his stances on your safety at work (you on the floor bleeding is better than you having a gun, apparently) and your pay hike, don’t you have to ask yourself if you get ANY value from your union dues?   But the BFT may not be representing you for long anyway, especially under that leadership!  It looks like the County Commission may be nearing some closure on golf courses.

Florida Today’s John Torres joins us in hour 3 as his award winning series Murder on the Space Coast is back for season 3.  Our own Keith Morrison of Brevard is always a great conversation.  The series focuses on the disappearance of Brandy Hall

And we’ll begin our day with this: there are some things that just hard to fathom.  One, is that if you are a person who believes changing gender is somehow right for you, some understanding of human biology would be essential, right?  Maybe not!  And colleges are renowned for being liberal, also right, right?  Why do they see it and do nothing about it?


It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

Stupid college and sneezing

Campus “liberal bias” seen, but what now?


Teachers’ union teetering- so, teachers, what IS the value?

Especially with a new president- BIG TONY gets a big job

Golf course deals close?

The BREC is a train wreck

Letter proves education does not mean smart

Torres: Palm Bay history says serve the cop!

TORRES; Why Brandy Hall?

Britt Kennerly- The Long Goodbye (dealing with parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s)


Innovative bridge collapse kills 4 in Miami

Bible study banned by HOA

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