Walkouts, Looks in & Facing the Music

While Brevard Schools’ Administration said they were not involved in organizing, but allowing student led protests, it certainly seems that with stages, sounds systems and other facilities in play, we may have been misled.  A student walkout is not what we saw at some locations.  Organized events calling for gun control and opining on school safety legislation ere what some got.  What reception would you get if you attempted to organize a 2nd Amendment School Safety Rally at even one of our schools?  We were, however, better off than some parts of the country.

The “School Safety Bill” passed last week by the legislature is not the most popular piece of legislation we have seen in Florida.  While Representative Randy appears to be on the wrong side of the 2nd Amendment issues addressed in the bill, give him some credit for facing critics and laying out his viewpoint.  He’ll be with us at 8am to discuss the session, other legislation of import and the school safety measure that were all a product of what one column calls the least productive session in decades..

But was we start our day let’s talk BIG BROTHER and your driver’s license.  It seems everything can almost be done with a smart phone.  Mobile technology is coming to your primary for of identification.  It does a have a pitfall we need to watch!  And the 1st Amendment was in full force at schools around the country yesterday.  And in just a few short years, those same constitutional activists could be trying to limit even that right.  It’s already happening and we’ll tackle that as we begin our day.


Mobile device driver’s licenses?  I don’t think so!

But wait, is taking your rights violence?


Brevard Walkouts- not exactly what was sold by BPS

Anyone surprised about this when it was Women’s March led?

What did we expect when the Women’s March organized it?

Where is the coverage of the School Board Meeting discussing ACTUAL SAFETY MEASURES?

Two days later, here it is!  Now that we are through showcasing the kids, back to making them safe


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