Mick's Morning News: 03.15.18

Brevard County Open To Arming School Employees  (Titusville, FL) -- Brevard County is keeping an open mind when it comes to a controversial school safety plan. The school board this week heard from dozens of parents who oppose a proposal to arm school employees. Board Chairman John Craig says he wants to look at all the facts before deciding to opt out of a program many know nothing about. While the program is unpopular with those who attended the board meeting, an unscientific "Florida Today" survey finds 53-percent of respondents support the plan.

McKeel Students Upset With School's Response To National Walkout Day  (Lakeland, FL) -- A school's actions on National Walkout Day has students furious. Some students at Polk County's McKeel Academy of Technology were planning to join a national ceremony yesterday to honor the Broward County school shooting victims, but they believe the Lakeland school undermined those efforts. The walkout was scheduled for 10:00, but just before that, the school held a fire drill and students were forced to evacuate through the back. Some students believe this was an attempt to silence those who wanted to join the walkout.     I DIDN’T THINK OF THIS, BUT I LIKE IT!

Other BSO Deputies Also Refused To Enter Building Where Shots Were Fired  (Parkland, FL) -- More Broward County deputies are facing criticism for their actions during the deadly school shooting. 'Local 10 News' reports new records reveal there were two other deputies besides Scot Peterson who failed to follow protocol that day. Instead of entering the building to engage the shooter, the deputies instead blocked traffic before one headed to the football field. Retired Miami-Dade Sergeant Mike Fisten tells 'Local 10 News' this new information shows an agency-wide breakdown and a lack of supervision.

Brevard Students Walkout for Protest

(Melbourne, FL) – Students from many Brevard Senior and Middle Schools walked out of class yesterday under the guise of support of Parkland’s Douglas High School   or gun control, depending upon whom you ask.  The largely orderly walkouts were one month after the tragic shooting at Douglas High.  While Brevard Schools claimed to not be supporting or organizing the events, facilities and equipment used by students seem to contradict that claim.  WE WILL DISCUSS THIS MORE DURING TODAY’S BILL MICK LIVE.

Headless Body Found In Kissimmee  (Kissimmee, FL) -- A gruesome discovery now has police investigating a murder. A worker at a Kissimmee auto repair shop and another man found a headless torso yesterday on Donegan Ave. The victim has not been identified and no arrests have been announced.

Mother Of Pulse Victim Says Nightclub Guard Has Her Son's Blood On His Hands  (Orlando, FL) -- A mother of one of the Pulse nightclub victims has harsh words for the man hired to protect the club the night of the deadly shooting. Orlando Police Detective Adam Gruler was the first witness who testified yesterday in the first day of Noor Salman's trial for helping her late husband plan the attack. Gruler said he waited six minutes to enter the club after he heard gunshots because he knew he was outgunned. After his testimony, a mother of one of the victims said Gruler has her son's blood on his hands.

NASA Says Astronaut's DNA No Longer Matches Identical Twin Brother  (Undated) -- Space travel can alter your DNA. NASA says that's the preliminary finding of its Twins Study. It revealed seven percent of astronaut Scott Kelly's genes did not return to normal after he returned to Earth from a year-long mission on the International Space Station. Scientists found Kelly's DNA is no longer an exact match with his identical twin brother Mark, who remained grounded. The landmark study is designed to help researchers understand the possible changes the human body may undergo on a three-year mission to Mars. WHEN I SAW THIS STORY I IMMEDIATELY SHARED IT WITH OUR MISSION SPECIALIST JIM BANKE.  THERE IS A SCIENCE RFICTION STORY IN THERE SOMEWHERE.

Finland Tops UN List Of Happiest Countries, U.S. Slips To 18th  (New York, NY) -- Finland is the happiest country in the world. The Nordic nation topped the UN's World Happiness Report released today, while the U.S. slipped to 18th place. The report ranked more than 150 countries on six factors, including income, life expectancy, social support and generosity. Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland round out the top five. According to the UN, America dropped from 14th place last year partly because of weakened social support networks, opioid abuse, obesity and depression. WELL, THIS NEWS ISN’T LIKELY TO HELP!


1991, four Los Angeles police officers were charged with beating motorist Rodney King.

1988, the NFL's St. Louis Cardinals officially moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  EVEN AFTER THE RAMS, I STILL THINK OF ST. LOUIS AS HOME TO THE CARDINALS.

1971, CBS television announced it would drop "The Ed Sullivan Show" after 23 years on the network.

1954, the CBS television "Morning Show" debuted with Walter Cronkite as host.

1937, the first blood bank was established at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.  MOMENTS LATER IT WAS ROBBED BY A VAMPIRE AL CAPONE!

1913, President Woodrow Wilson held the first open presidential news conference.

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