MICKnugget: 03.15.18

While Brevard Public Schools dropped the ball in properly educating and supervising our kids during the Wednesday walkout fiasco, there is one area where they clearly lead the field of Florida’s largest school districts.

They are the only district of the state’s 12 biggest to slow down, understand and seriously consider the school marshal program suggested by Sheriff Wayne Ivey and adopted by the legislature in the school safety bill.

Other boards, ignoring becoming educated on the issue- strange for education folks to ignore education, have flatly said no to the program without even seeing what it entailed.  They are uneducated on firearms and on tactics to defeat an active shooter.

When you are uneducated on a topic you make bad decisions.  Let’s hope that these districts do not see the ramifications of their ignorance as Broward Schools saw in February.

The idea should be to avoid tragedy, not battle ignorantly over guns and their safe and effective use.


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