Hillary Clinton made her views on Americans, women in particular, very clear on her trip to India. Apparently you gals didn’t vote for her because we guys, husbands, bosses, kids and friends did not allow you to!  You’ are part of that Middle America that is still in the 1930’s-50’s where you wait for men to tell you what to do when it comes to something as important as politics! 

Has President Trump made a big boo-boo in a reappointment to the EEOC…it could be!  Today’s planned school walk out by students has the approval of Brevard Public Schools as they attempt to shirk responsibility for the action.  The County Commission considers county ownership of golf courses again tomorrow.  The golfers want to run them now.  The TDC is scared of the bill passed by the legislature that threatens their total control over tax dollars they have a reputation for spending poorly.  While jumping to the Port Race may have seemed an easier path to office for Robyn Hattaway, the road just got rocky.

All these subjects are in play on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  But that‘s not all.  As always, this is the day you get to choose our direction of travel.  So what’s it to be?  If it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE!


Hillary: #youmarriedwhitewomen!

A Trump flub?


The walkout- not about honoring victims of Parkland- not well managed, either

Commission to address golf courses again on Thursday

No easy path for Hattaway- another R enters the port race

The BREC is a train wreck

Brevard delegation pens letter justifying infringement

Letter proves education does not mean smart

Britt Kennerly- The Long Goodbye (dealing with parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s)


TDC tax use option bill on governor’s desk

Governor signs bad school safety legislation

NRA sues FL over gun restrictions in school safety law

The Complaint filed by the NRA


President hits home run in address to troops

Blaming the NRA backfired

It wasn’t a threat- Delta loses GA tax break

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