Mick's Morning News: 03.14.18

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Kissimmee Street  (Kissimmee, FL) -- An unusual sight on a Kissimmee street is now under investigation. A small plane crash landed yesterday afternoon on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. No one in the plane or on the ground was hurt. The NTSB will investigate what caused the plane to make the emergency landing after takeoff from Gateway Airport.

Officer Involved In Crash  (West Melbourne, FL) -- A police officer has been hurt after a vehicle crash. It happened yesterday afternoon on US 192 in West Melbourne when an officer crashed into a car turning left at a blinking yellow light. That driver was also hurt, but none of the injuries are life-threatening. "Florida Today" reports the driver who turned into the officer's path was cited for violating the right-of-way.

Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty Against Cruz  (Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Those who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting are mixed on a recent decision by prosecutors. The Broward State Attorney's office announced yesterday it will seek the death penalty against shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz. The public defender tells CBS4 that Cruz will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. Some Stoneman Douglas students support the death penalty for Cruz, but others say they would rather see him rot in jail for the rest of his life and think about what he did.

Numerous Florida Students, Teachers Participating In Protest Tomorrow  (Undated) -- Students and teachers from across the state plan to participate in a national demonstration this morning, reportedly to honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting. Given that the walk out is orchestrated by the national Women’s March, they will also be pressing lawmakers for stricter gun laws. Scheduled at 10:00, demonstrators will walk out of classes and stay out for one minute for each victim killed on Valentine's Day. After the 17 minute protest is done, the plan is for all to return to school. However, some are concerned about the students leaving campus and there appears to be no direction or guidelines from the schools.  A press release from Brevard Public Schools says principles are left to make the call for each individual school. 

Man Steals Rattlesnakes From Zoo  (Cascade, MD) -- A Maryland man is facing charges for stealing some dangerous snakes from a zoo. Brandon Boyles is accused of taking rattlesnakes, as well as three alligators and a crocodile from the Catoctin Zoo and Wildlife Preserve. He worked there, but took the reptiles when he left his job. When authorities caught up with him, they also found him in possession of several other venomous snakes, including some cobras. TRY SLIPPING THOSE INTO YOUR OVERSIZED PANTS AND TAKING THEM HOME!


2016, the NFL acknowledged a link between football and brain disease for the first time. The league's top health and safety officer made the concession during a round table discussion on concussions.

1994, Apple introduced the Power Macintosh computer.

1967, Michigan State University defensive lineman Bubba Smith became the first player chosen in the first combined draft of the NFL and the AFL. He was selected by the Baltimore Colts.

1964, a jury in Dallas, Texas, found Jack Ruby guilty of murdering accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby died of cancer while waiting for a new trial.

1950, the FBI released its first Ten Most Wanted list.

1925, football legend Walter Camp died at the age of 65. Known as the Father of American Football, he is credited with developing such rules as the eleven man team, the line of scrimmage and the existing system of downs and yards.

1923, President Warren G. Harding became the first president to pay taxes and account for his income.

1812, War Bonds were authorized by the United States for the first time.

1794, Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin. The invention made it possible to clean 50-pounds of cotton per day.

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