The BML Show Page: Tuesday, 03.13.18

While the legislature may just be incompetent, it’s pretty definite that the Mitch Needelman jury was. Now, it’s a new trial and the trial of the century may take that long!  And with the Matt Dupree having entered a guilty plea, the witness list in the retrial gets interesting. 

I’ve talked and written about the politically uninitiated deciding to run for office.  It’s making itself evident again in two Brevard races.  Robyn Hattaway has decided to leave the County Commission D-2 Race and jump to a Port Authority race.  Sadly, the other filed candidates had gotten out of the race and behind her as the most likely to have success in the primary against former Commissioner Chuck Nelson.  It’s too late for them to have credibility in changing their minds to run and beating Chuck nelson is a huge uphill battle.  Hattaway has done a disservice to those men who backed her and appears to be a political opportunist who didn’t have the fight in her to take on Nelson or serve in what she perceived as challenging times.

Rural America- STAND UP!  Letting the Urban Dictionary decide acceptable terms for you is cultural appropriation by those who have no clue about YOUR culture!  It’s happening in Alaska! 

The planned “student walkouts” are bothersome to me.  The “Women’s March” folks, you know the proud purveyors of pink “pussy” hats, are behind the planned walkouts and buying in by our schools is a problem.  The good news is that not all are!

Mike Haridopolos joins us at 8am to recap the legislative session and provide insights on the compromise bill that took the gun rights away from 18-20 year old adults.


Rural people STAND UP!

The problem with student walkouts- the organizers and the reason


Needelman gets new trial…the trial of the century may just take a century!

When rookies decide to run for office…and decide again

The BREC is a train wreck

Brevard delegation pens letter justifying infringement

Letter proves education does not mean smart

Britt Kennerly- The Long Goodbye (dealing with parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s)


Free speech zones outlawed at FL colleges

Gun buy 3 day waiting period could hit November ballot

How does psychological screening help when they had every clue?

Governor signs bad school safety legislation

NRA sues FL over gun restrictions in school safety law

The Complaint filed by the NRA


Is ESPN in trouble?

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