Mick's Morning News- 03.13.18

Judge Orders Release Of MSD Surveillance Video  (Parkland, FL) -- Efforts to block video from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting are being denied. A judge ruled yesterday that the Broward County Sheriff's Office must release the school's surveillance video from the day of the shooting last month. The BSO and the school district argued unsuccessfully that releasing the video would hurt their investigations and compromise school security. The judge ordered the BSO to release the video by noon Thursday.

Jury Selected For Salman Trial  (Orlando, FL) -- The trial that could send the widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter to prison is a step closer. Lawyers yesterday chose twelve jurors and six alternates who will decide Noor Salman's fate. She'll go on trial tomorrow for allegedly helping Omar Mateen plan his deadly attack on the club. Jurors will meet at a secret location and be taken to and from the courthouse every day by US Marshals.

Pulse Judge Allows 911 Call From Victim  (Orlando, FL) -- Jurors will get to hear some of the last words of a victim of the Pulse nightclub shooting. The judge in Noor Salman's trial ruled yesterday prosecutors can play a 911 call from someone who was inside the bathroom the night of the shooting almost two years ago. The person who made that call died in the shooting, but the judge will not allow another 911 call from someone who survived the shooting.

Hattaway Drops Out Of Brevard County Commission Race  (Merritt Island, FL) -- The tone of Brevard County politics is helping drive one candidate out of a race for county commissioner. Merritt Island lawyer Robyn Hattaway last week withdrew from the District 2 race, and, instead, she entered the race for Canaveral Port Authority in District 5. The port authority position pays almost 50-thousand dollars a year less than the county commission seat, but Hattaway says it will be best use of her talents. She also tells "Florida Today" she has been troubled by a split on the county commission and the atmosphere surrounding the meetings. WE’LL HAVE MORE ON THIS LATER IN BILL MICK LIVE.

Data Breach Reported At Florida Virtual School  (Tallahassee, FL) -- What he first thought was a joke is now what Leon County's superintendent calls a major cyber security incident. Rocky Hanna yesterday criticized Florida Virtual School for a data breach that has affected more than 50-thousand LCS students and teachers. The compromised data includes teachers' Social Security numbers and student health and discipline records. Hanna believes the breach happened last year, but FLVS didn't know about it until an email about it last month.

FSU's Thrasher Calls Funding Increases Extraordinary  (Tallahassee, FL) -- While FSU didn't get everything it wanted in the state budget, its president says what it did get is extraordinary. President John Thrasher says he's grateful for the 56-million dollars it got, even though it was more than 100-million dollars less than what it wanted. FAMU also came up about 22-million dollars short in its funding request. FAMU President Larry Robinson recently told the "Tallahassee Democrat" he's especially disappointed he didn't get funding for the new Center for Access and Student Success building.

Ken Doll Day  (Undated) -- Today, Barbie and Ken fans can celebrate Ken Day. It was 49 years ago today that the first Ken Carson doll was unveiled by toy company Mattel. The very first Ken featured a bathing suit, sandals and a yellow beach towel, and sold for only three-dollars and fifty cents. He is the longtime boyfriend of Barbie, who was first introduced in 1959. In 2010, Ken made the big time as he was featured alongside Barbie in Disney's "Toy Story 3."

Police Address Actions Of Hit-Run Victim  (Miami, FL) -- Witnesses and even police say a Florida man went way too far while going after a hit and run driver. Officers in Miami say the man chased after the SUV when the driver took off after smashing into several cars. Cell phone video shows one victim attacking the SUV with a sledge hammer and breaking its windows. Police told Channel 10 News that it's never a good idea to go after someone when a crime takes place. BUT IT COULD MAKE YOU MONEY ON AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, I SUPPOSE!


1992, Publication of the official Soviet Communist Party newspaper "Pravda," stopped due to lack of funds. The paper was founded in 1912.

1991, Exxon Corporation agreed to pay a 100-million dollar criminal fine and more than 900-million dollars in civil damages following the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

1934, John Dillinger and his gang robbed the First National Bank in Iowa.

1930, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto.

1884, Standard Time was adopted throughout the United States. AND THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE IN 2018 SAYS, WE’LL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT!

1868, President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial began in the U.S. Senate. He was later acquitted by one vote.

1865, President Jefferson Davis signed a bill stating that slaves were subject to military duty in the Confederate Army.

1639, Harvard University was named for clergyman John Harvard. WHO IS ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE SEEING WHAT IS GOING ON THERE TODAY!

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