BML MICKnugget- 03.13.18

Students across the country, and here in Brevard is no exception, were slated to participate in scheduled walk outs on Wednesday.  Supposedly this is in response to the school shooting in Broward County only one month earlier.

If it were that, and only that, I could understand the schools allowing student participation.  But it’s not.

The March 14th walkout (intended to be only 17 minutes long, but allowing 34 minutes for it to take place- school board math) has been organized by the Women’s March folks.  You know the pink, vagina styled cap wearing feminists who hate the president and anything conservative, especially firearms.

The event has been turned into a gun control march and that should not be allowed.  A better use of the students’ time would be a discussion in classes about the right to protest from the 1st and the rights enshrined in the 2nd Amendment and why both are valid.

I wonder if we have educators smart enough to do that.

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