The Former 2nd Amendment Supporting State of FL

The cop hatred is not restricted to a corporate McDonalds in Palm Bay.  One Oakland coffee shop won’t be having coffee with a cop anytime soon.  And it seems the PTA in New York State is in the same boat.  That’s the start to our Monday on BML.

As expected, Governor Scott signed the hastily assembled school safety bill on Friday.  The NRA immediately sued and previously thought of as conservative legislators began scrambling to polish their tarnished reputations.  There may not be enough Brasso on the planet to make that possible.  The 3 day waiting period for gun purchases these champions of the 2nd amendment have implemented may end up on the ballot as a constitutional amendment for FL as the commission tries to give the law some constitutional backing.

Is it possible Speaker Richard Corcoran is corrupt?  If take Representative Randy Fine’s definition of corrupt to its logical conclusion, yep!  And locally, one rookie candidate who got a tremendous jump start to her campaign has turned her back on those early supporters and jumped ship.  It wasn’t smart, it wasn’t consulted and it won’t help her attain office.


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