MICKnugget 03.12.18

Governor Scott signed the new school safety bill on Friday.  Over the weekend the Brevard Representatives to the Florida House distributed a letter that in their minds justified their yes votes on the measure.

These Republicans, who allege conservatism and 2nd Amendment advocacy, wholeheartedly voted for a measure that infringes upon the rights of law abiding Americans and potentially leaves them vulnerable to a violent criminal.

Eighteen to Twenty year old adults have been stopped from lawfully purchasing the firearm of their choice through a licensed dealer.  Poor legislative language in defining now illegal items leaves other heretofore legal items and adjustments in question. And a new three day waiting period for any firearm purchase is just another infringement.

They acknowledge that none of these measures will prevent another mass shooting, but voted for them anyway. Now the question becomes, just when do principles matter?  Apparently it’s not when our kids are in jeopardy.

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