F MICKnugget: Brevard ALMOST Parkland

While the Florida Legislature has had about 3 weeks to react to the Parkland school shooting, Brevard Public Schools has had over a year to consider the same kind of situation.

Astronaut High School was the target of a plot being prepared by at least one student there in 2017.  A teacher who raised concerns is to thank for the eventual proper action being taken.

There were some flaws as other school personnel did not immediately involve police and had concluded that the students were not an actual threat.  The teacher was still concerned. As she continued talking about it, her husband contacted Titusville Police who acted promptly, discovering the reality of the threat and taking appropriate action.

The students were charged and removed from the school which, because of the quick reaction, was never in real jeopardy.

BPS changed policy to always involve law enforcement and then implemented school hardening policies.

Brevard is fortunate in this circumstance and we have one persistent teacher to thank!

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