Astronaut High- Almost Parkland in 2017

The school safety bill is on Governor Scott’s desk and it’s rumored he will sign it today.  That is a step forward for school safety, but the bill contains elements that neither side of the gun debate stomachs well.  The legislature will be in overtime as the budget was not done in time to allow the required 72 hours before it could be passed.  The session is expected to close over the weekend or Monday.  If the governor signs another bill state office holders will have to resign office to run for federal office.  That has long been a requirement for those seeking state and local office. 

If you take a look at the AROUND BREVARD section below you’ll see that we were almost the Parkland community one year ago.  WFTV’s investigative team uncovered the incident that could have been tragedy in our back yard a year before the Douglas High School attack.  Florida Today has followed up with an extensive look into the incident that would have shaken our community.  In our 7am hour today we will talk with Matt Reed, Assistant Superintendent at Brevard Schools, about this incident and how it changed Brevard Schools.

If you have had family members with dementia or Alzheimer’s you know how it impacts the entire family. If you haven’t, pray that you never do.  In either case, Florida Toady’s Britt Kennerly has opened up about her mother who is suffering with Alzheimer’s and what it’s like for them and it is well worth your reading time.  It’s linked below.

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us at 8am as we close our talk week together.


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