MICKnugget 03.08.18

The school safety bill is done.  And it seems that nobody but the legislature is happy with it.

Gun rights supporters are unhappy that there are 3 provisions in the bill that restrict the rights of heretofore law abiding gun owners.  Bump stocks are banned, the legal age to purchase a firearm from a dealer is now 21 instead of 18 and there is a three day waiting period to buy any firearm.

Gun control advocates are unhappy that AR-15’s and other so-called “assault weapons” are not banned and that school personnel may now be armed as a first line of defense against an active shooter.

The governor is unhappy because he did not wish to see armed teachers in the bill either.  But, it all rests on him now.  If he signs it, it’s law.  If he vetoes it, it’s back to the drawing board.

I am hoping for a veto, but don’t expect it.  The compromise appears to be the “best” they could do with little time remaining in the session. 

Something this serious deserved more and the legislative leadership just didn’t allow it.

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