WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Legislative Sellout Edition

A sobering question begins our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: what if your child was planning a school shooting?  What do you do?  How do you react?  Could you even believe it?  One father has been through it and we will discuss it in hour one.  Ever wanted to turn your dog loose on a cop?  It’s not a good idea; then again, neither was picking up the gun and turning on the officers.

The County has a proposal that already has first approval.  I’ll call it the PORT PARKING PROTECTION MESAURE and it’s Jim Barfield’s middle finger to would-be business owners and it needs to be stopped now.  It’s not like the Port isn’t ripping off every parking customer on both their days of arrival and departure and it’s not like the Port needs help in doing it. 

A Florida Today letter to the editor once again proves being educated does not make a person intelligent.  A Brevard student has been charged in making a bomb threat at Space Coast Jr/Sr High. 

In Tallahassee the Florida House appears set to cave to the ill thought pout leadership of the House and Senate as they are about to cede to the Senate version of the school safety bill.  Republican of principle should vote no on this measure, but it seems too many are worried about their political careers as opposed to being in Tallahassee to do what is right.  What is comes down to is this: #TearcherLivesDontMatter or maybe #AppeaseTheTeachersUnions.  We are so confused in this society as to just what age lands a child in adulthood.  Now you’ll have to be 21 to purchase any firearm and a three day waiting period is also in play.  While they’re at it, the year-round Daylight Saving Time bill is on its way to the governor…and a lawsuit we knew was coming is hitting WalMart and Dick’s Sporting Goods.


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Knew this lawsuit was coming…could be moot in FL

What if your child was planning a school shooting?


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Letter proves education does not mean smart

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