Mick's Morning News 03.06.18

Jury Selection Continues In Salman Trial  (Orlando, FL) -- The jury that will decide Noor Salman's fate could consist of people who knew her husband's victims. Jury selection continued yesterday with 17 potential jurors questioned and seven added to the jury pool. Some of the 20 already in the pool know people killed or injured in the Pulse nightclub shooting, but they told the court they can be impartial. Salman is accused of helping husband Omar Mateen plan the attack and the "Orlando Sentinel" reports another 18 potential jurors will be questioned today.

Police Chase Leads To Lockdown At Rollins College  (Winter Park, FL) -- A police chase is responsible for a college going on lockdown. Winter Park's Rollins College went on lockdown yesterday afternoon for about ten minutes as police were trying to catch an armed man accused of trying to rob a Walmart in Casselberry. The chase ended near the college when the suspect crashed his car and fled on foot before he was caught. Police say no one was hurt and no shots were fired.

Montford Votes For School Safety Bill  (Tallahassee, FL) -- State Senator Bill Montford was one of just three Democrats who voted last night for SB 7026 and Panama City Republican George Gainer broke with his party to oppose the bill. The bill allows school employees to be armed and raises the minimum age for gun purchases. Montford doesn't like the idea of more guns in schools, but he tells the "Tallahassee Democrat" he couldn't resist the 400-million-dollars for school security and mental health assistance.

Bradenton State Senator Bill Galvano said yesterday after the Senate passed a school safety bill. The bill calls for arming some school employees and provides 400-million-dollars for school security and mental health programs. Galvano sponsored the bill that now goes to the House and he tells the "Tampa Bay Times" that when it becomes law, things will start changing.

Amendment To Arm School Personnel Named For Coach Feis  (Tallahassee, FL) -- A hero of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is being honored by lawmakers in Tallahassee. The school safety bill that passed the state Senate yesterday contains an amendment named for assistant football coach Aaron Feis. The Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program allows some school employees to be armed. Feis was killed when witnesses say he used his body to shield students from gunfire.

MSD Survivor Plans To Sue School System And Sheriff's Office  (Parkland, FL) -- The Broward School District and sheriff's office may have to answer in court why they didn't protect Stoneman Douglas High School students. A lawyer for 15-year-old Anthony Borges informed the agencies yesterday his client plans to sue them for the injuries he suffered in last month's shooting. Borges is still in the hospital after being shot in both legs a total of five times. His lawyer tells the "Miami Herald" that Borges and others were failed by the school, the sheriff's office and those who had knowledge of Nikolas Cruz's past. THAT WILL BECOME AN AVALANCHE.

Coast Guard Rescues Hall-Of-Fame Sailor  (Sanibel, FL) -- It turns out that even the best of sailors might occasionally need a lifeline. Florida's Randy Smyth -- an America's Cup winner, an Olympic gold-medal winner, and a member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame -- had to be rescued by the Coast Guard on Saturday. His 20-foot sailboat had capsized 12 miles south of Sanibel Island as he was trying to beat a record he set last year in a race down Florida's Gulf Coast. Smyth was not injured.

Dog Walk May Have Saved Couple from Fire  (Mt. Pleasant, PA) -- A Pennsylvania couple is lucky to be alive and can thank Man's Best Friend for saving them. Jerry and Darlene Myers of Mt. Pleasant were walking their two dogs at a park Sunday morning when smoke began pouring out of their home. Neighbors called for help and firefighters say the house was pretty badly damaged by some but nobody was there to get hurt. Investigators think the fire started in the basement with a gas leak. OR…IT’S AN ARSON…I HAVE SEEN SIMILAR!


1998, the British flag was flown over Buckingham Palace for the first time.

1992, the computer virus known as "Michelangelo" hit thousands of personal computers around the world.

1981, CBS newsman Walter Cronkite signed off for the last time as anchorman of the "CBS Evening News." He was replaced by Dan Rather.  SO MUCH FOR NEWS “THE WAY IT IS” AS OPPOSED TO THE WAY THEY WANT IT TO BE.

1973, Larry Hisle of the Minnesota Twins became the first designated hitter in major league baseball.  AND A SAD DAY IT WAS.

1857, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Dred Scott case. The court ruled black Americans were not full citizens. The case came about when an escaped slave filed a lawsuit to have himself declared free. AND THEY THINK ROE V WADE IS PERMANENT.

1836, Mexican General Santa Anna and his army captured the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, after a 13-day battle. Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie were among the 187 U.S. soldiers killed during the siege. THE ALAMO- BE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT.

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