MICKnugget: 03.06.18

Fake News is even infiltrating mainstream news organizations.  We’re seeing halfhearted reporting with questionable sourcing that serves only to stir the public about whatever story is in play.

In this case, it’s our own (WMMB’s) Fox News’ web site that published a story we discussed on Wednesday’s show.  It was about the scene commander in the Broward school shooting.  And it was nothing less than irresponsible.

The story is filled with law enforcement sources that were obviously not on the scene. These “sources” were unnamed and uninvolved.  Yet, they criticized the on scene commander with information from Fox News that contradicted itself on whether the commander’s order was to initial arriving officers or for officers after the shooting was over.

How about they all slow down, get the records, determine the timeline and report the facts.  This stirring emotion by an alleged news organization is just unacceptable!

Real reporting takes time…these agencies should try it.

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