MICKnugget Monday 03.05.18

Those against the “special marshal” proposal for school safety are ignoring the reality of two things: the active shooter situation itself and the idea that more police would be a better answer.

It sounds good but lacks understanding.  The belief that officers are better trained than these marshals would be is a fallacy, as well.

You could never provide enough police officers to cover an entire school.  Marshals would likely be at or near these locations as the event unfolded, in greater numbers, giving them a much faster response time than even on site police officers.

Police academy training is good, but not superior to what will be given marshals. Cops rarely have the chance for the 132 hours of directed training on one subject as these marshals will receive.  That is more than I had to become SWAT certified.  Think about that.

When the bullets are flying the time to address it is NOW, not after some unknowable police response time. 

Let’s bring the discussion back to reality and save some lives.

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