Florida Legislature Working School Safety Law: 03.05.18

For nearly three weeks our conversation has centered on the parkland school shooting and the legislature’s reaction to it.  Both sides of the gun debate are charged and focused on that as opposed to actual safety solutions.  It has convoluted the legislature’s job and made the process longer than it would have been otherwise.  We’ll continue to watch and examine those activities.  There are others in play as Representative Randy Fine’s “no service-no pay” bill is a thing of the past as Waste Management has come to the table with promises and a future negotiation with Palm Bay on expanding collection days.

While he’s at it, Fine has managed to tick off the tourism development crowd.  It was the focus of Dave Berman’s weekend political column and there is a point here.  Fine’s idea of repurposing the TDC tax is a good one.  It opens up options for use of those funds (after all, how many bad billboards can an agency buy?) and could provide another avenue for lagoon and infrastructure improvements.  There is no mandate, only the choice by local officials should they decide to go that way.  The problem is Fine’s focus on criticism as opposed to presenting the measure as solution based.  It’s the same with his now personal battle with County Commissioner Jim Barfield.  Fine’s “investigation” of Barfield’s business announcement that led to Barfield’s choosing to not run for reelection, made last week on social media, is another extension of that personal battle between men who could buy and sell most of us and we just don’t care to hear it.  Randy has had some good ideas a as a legislator, a couple of bad ones, but the sideshow distractions have to stop.  He was not elected to police county and local office holders, but to represent us in Tallahassee.  That should be his primary focus.

It’s been a while since something positive led to the start of our day.  Today is that day as UCF one-handed linebacker Shaquem Griffin is getting lots of attention at the NFL combine.  I normally pay no attention to the talent evaluation event, but after Griffin’s outstanding performance against Auburn in their bowl game, this kid deserves serious consideration by some NFL team who will be lucky to have him!   

And while Bill Maher is a confirmed liberal, it doesn’t make the HBO star stupid.  He is calling out fake news while telling the entities that produce it that they have earned the title.  


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