03.05.18: Mick's Morning News

Pro-Gun Rally Held In Tallahassee  (Tallahassee, FL) -- Gun control advocates are not the 0only ones marching on Tallahassee.  NRA members are threatening to hold lawmakers accountable based on what they do this week. As the legislature gets set to consider a bill that restricts gun access, more than a hundred people attended a pro gun rights rally yesterday in Tallahassee. One speaker says he's worried lawmakers will take away gun rights piece by piece until there's nothing left. A doctor from Pensacola tells the "Tampa Bay Times" he hopes the rally will pressure lawmakers to follow the Constitution.

Six Rescued From Overturned Boat In Indian River  (Malabar, FL) -- First responders are credited with saving a group whose day on the water took a turn for the worse. Six people were pulled from the Indian River yesterday afternoon when their boat overturned. Brevard County Fire Rescue and a Sheriff's Office helicopter assisted in the rescue about five miles south of the Melbourne Causeway. "Florida Today" reports all six boaters were wearing life jackets, and no injuries were reported.

Former NASCAR Driver Arrested For Trying To Entice Minor  (Lake Mary, FL) -- A former NASCAR driver is facing child sex charges. Former truck series driver Rick Crawford was arrested last week in Seminole County when deputies say he tried to pay for sex with what he thought was a 12-year-old girl. Deputies say Crawford was communicating online with an undercover detective pretending to be the girl's father. The 59-year-old Crawford was arrested when he arrived at a meeting place in Lake Mary.

Emergency Dispatcher Honored At White House  (Washington, DC) -- A 911 dispatcher is back from what she calls a truly awesome and fantastic experience. Tamika Greer was honored last month at the White House for being named Public Safety Professional of the Year. Greer got the award for helping police last summer find an elderly Largo woman who was lost in the woods. Greer tells 'Bay News 9' helping the woman gave her a happy feeling that reminded her of why she does her job.

Lego Will Create Plastic Pieces From Plants  (Undated) -- Toy maker Lego is coming out with its first plant-based plastic pieces. Lego says it will manufacture some of its pieces from sustainable, plant-based plastic. The material will be sourced from sugarcane and production of the pieces has already started. They're expected to be in Lego boxes later this year. Lego executives say children and parents won't notice any difference in the quality or appearance of the new elements. TASTE MAY BE ANOTHER MATTER…

Gifts For Teeth On The Decline  (Undated) -- It appears the tooth fairy may have tightened her money bag last year. According to Delta Dental's latest survey, the tooth fairy's cash gifts dropped in 2017 to an average of $4.13. That's an eleven-percent decrease from 2016. Overall, the tooth fairy was still quite generous, leaving $271-million underneath the pillows of children across the nation. The cash prize for a first-time tooth was most coveted at an average of $5.70. That's only a minor drop from 2016 which was $5.72. The tooth fairy also left behind some gifts that promote dental health, such as tooth brushes and toothpaste.


2004, a New York jury found home living guru Martha Stewart guilty on all four charges related to her ImClone stock sale. Stewart and her broker maintained the stock sale was agreed to based on an earlier, previously established sale price. However, prosecutors said Stewart sold after receiving a tip.

1992, the Rodney King beating trial opened in Simi Valley, California. Four Los Angeles police officers were charged with the attack, which was captured on home video.

1989, Time Incorporated merged with Warner Communications Incorporated to form a world leading media and entertainment giant.

1960, Elvis Presley returned to civilian life following two-years of service in the U.S. Army.

1946, Winston Churchill delivered his famous "Iron Curtain Speech" in Fulton, Missouri.

1770, the "Boston Massacre" took place. Five people were killed when British troops opened fire on a crowd of colonists.

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