The Debate: Safety or Guns?

How to protect our schools has been a focus since the Douglas High School shooting in Parkland on Valentine’s Day.  That is when you can get away from the debate over banning guns or keeping them. The Florida Legislature is mired in the same debate and appears to be rushing to a bad idea just to say they got something done.  The arguments from teacher and administrator unions are downright stupid as are the claims that race is a factor in school shootings and that arming teachers who choose to be trained and armed increases danger. 

State Representative Randy Fine joins us by phone from Tallahassee in our 7am hour to talk the legislature’s action and the debate.  In our 8am hour Florida Today Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel will be in studio.  Their gun grabbing editorial got your attention earlier this week.  We‘ll talk that and more as we close our talk week together.


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