MICKnugget 03.02.18: Teacher Union Victims

The position is consistent from the national leadership to the local teachers’ unions. They would rather see their membership and other school employees as helpless victims than have them armed to be able to defend themselves and their students in an active shooter situation.

The national union issues were their desires over who should be armed, liability and financial concerns. Weapons bans, mental health and after school programs were preferred.

The local union VP asks for evidence that armed people prevent mass shootings, an impossible task. He also worries about the armed teacher when the cops finally arrive.

Both ignore education on this point. Armed school personnel will have a minimum 130 hours for training and the cops are also well trained in this circumstance.

As for Big Tony’s evidence, there are 17 exhibits from Douglas High School that show what happened when nobody is armed to defend a school. Do you really want more before you get behind the plan?

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