TH MICKnugget 03.01.18

I have railed for years about our schools and Zero Tolerance.  Zero Tolerance, not just for weapons, but for anything that remotely resembles or depicts weapons of any kind.

We’ve seen kids disciplined for cutlery in a picnic basket in the trunk of a car, for a self-reported rifle in a North Carolina pickup truck gun rack as the student went to the office to call his mother to come pick it up, for younger kids drawing images of guns or using fingers on the playground as guns or bows and arrows or for possessing little green army men who have little molded rifles as gear.

We have taught our kids that any depiction of a gun is as dangerous as the real thing.  And thus, a would-be robber in Bonita Beach tried to rob a 7-11 by pointing his finger at the clerk.

He was laughed out of the store and escaped on his bicycle.  He is still at large!  Watch out!

Zero Tolerance has made our criminals even dumber than they already were!

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