Seeking Solutions- some are good

We have long discussed policies in our schools that make no sense.  This is especially true when it comes to ZERO TOLERANCE policies in schools over things like images of guns and Midol.  Now we have proof these policies are making our kids downright stupid!

WalMart says it will not sell guns or ammo to people under 21, no matter what the law is.  Is it their choice or could they be forced to comply with the law for a 19 or 20 year old gun buyer?  What if it was a gift for a gay wedding?  Boy, the PC crowd would be conflicted then, wouldn’t they?

A poll says Floridians are against arming teachers.  Let me rephrase it, the poll indicated we prefer dead bodies of students and staff to taking actual steps that could protect many and would have saved lives in Parkland.  Oh, the poll respondents are not alone, and we have some analysis of local reaction in our 7am hour today.

In our final hour Bill Stanley, a friend and pastor, will join us to discuss real solutions to the carnage in our schools.  I don’t believe it starts with schools or teachers.  And as we close the day Tara Pagliarini with Family Promise of Brevard will join us to share how they help homeless families stay together while they get back on their feet.


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