Mick's Morning News: Thursday, 03.01.18

Deadly Police Shooting In Orlando  (Orlando, FL) -- A man is dead after being shot by police. The man was shot yesterday afternoon in downtown Orlando after police got a 911 call from a Wahlburgers restaurant on Orange Ave. Employees say the man walked in, showed a gun and asked about an ex-girlfriend. He left, but police chased him down and shot him when they say he refused repeated commands to drop the gun.

Jury Selection Begins Today In Trial Of Pulse Shooter's Widow  (Orlando, FL) -- Jury selection begins today in the trial of the Pulse nightclub shooter's widow. Noor Salman is accused of helping her husband Omar Mateen in advance of the massacre of 49 victims in 2016. The trial is expected to last two months.

Students Return To MSD High School (Parkland, FL) -- The slow and sometimes painful return to normal is underway in Parkland. Students returned to class yesterday at Stoneman Douglas High School for the first time since the deadly shooting two weeks ago. Classes were only in session for half a day and will remain so the rest of the week. As hard as it was to return, almost all students did so, with the school reporting attendance of 95 percent.

Odd, crazy and calming are some words students used to describe their first day back at School. Before classes started yesterday morning, students arrived on the Parkland campus to find heavily armed police. One student felt nervous, but another told the "South Florida Sun Sentinel" it made her feel safe. Students then observed a 17-second moment of silence to honor each of the victims killed in the shooting two weeks ago.

Teen Arrested After Threat Spreads At Pensacola School  (Pensacola, FL) -- A student is facing charges for spreading a rumor that led to a lockdown. The 15-year-old 8th-grader is accused of telling classmates yesterday that there was a gun inside Pensacola's Jim Bailey Middle School. The school heightened security, alerted parents and searched the school but no weapons were found. Escambia County Superintendent Malcolm Thomas tells 'Channel 3 News' it feels like officials are chasing their tails, but they'll keep doing it to make sure everything is OK.

Port Canaveral CEO Gets Raise  (Port Canaveral, FL) -- Port Canaveral's CEO is getting a raise one commissioner complains is excessive. The commission voted yesterday to give John Murray a four-percent raise that will bump his pay by 14-thousand dollars a year to 364-thousand dollars. Commissioner Bob Harvey thought a two-and-a-half percent raise was more appropriate since that's what other Port employees got this year. "Florida Today" reports another port official pointed out Murray is still underpaid compared to other port CEOs. HE’S NOT RUNNING ANOTHER PORT, HE’S RUNNING THIS ONE, IF HE WANTS MORE, HE CAN APPLY TO THOSE!

Cannabis For Dogs May Soon Be Available In California  (San Jose, CA) -- A California lawmaker is proposing new legislation that would allow veterinarians to treat dogs with pot. A San Jose Democrat assembly member is pushing bill that would make it legal for vets to prescribe canine cannabis. It's currently illegal for veterinarians to propose the treatment option of using marijuana on animals. Pet owners are expressing interest in the bill, but opponents say they're concerned about marijuana poisoning. OH, IT’S PERFECTLY HARMLESS FOR HUMANS (THE PRO POT PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU), BUT WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT POISIONING DOGS?  OK, THOSE FOLKS MUST BE SMOKING SOMETHING!

Woman Facing Charges After Allegedly Using Her Stilettos In Attack  (Scottsdale, AZ) -- Felony charges are being filed in Arizona against a woman accused of attacking someone with her stiletto heel. Police in Scottsdale say Kris Loring got angry at a pizza shop in the early morning hours of February 18th when she fell out of her chair and others in the restaurant stated laughing. She allegedly took off her shoes and repeatedly hit a man with the stilettos, nearly blinding him. The victim did survive and Loring is due back in court today.    I WONDER IF HE HAD TO PAY EXTRA FOR THAT?


2002, under mounting pressure from prosecutors, the Archdiocese of Boston agreed to turn over the names of people allegedly molested by priests.

1978, Swiss grave robbers stole the coffin containing Charlie Chaplin's remains. The coffin and Chaplin were recovered several months later.

1969, singer Jim Morrison was arrested for "lewd and lascivious" behavior during a Doors concert in Miami.

1962, the first Kmart opened in Garden City, Michigan.

1961, the Peace Corps was established by an executive order signed by President John F. Kennedy.

1941, W47NV became the first FM radio station in the United States.


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