Today- Active Shooter: Response and Protocol

Have you changed your auto insurance lately?  I have and the process, while money saving, is a pain.  It’s apparently the MO of insurance companies to do all they can to make the process difficult to leave.  If they didn’t want me leaving, they should not have hiked my rates and expected me to not shop for better.  I’m now waiting on the refund of the auto-pay premium I had directed them to stop a week ago…that they took out this week!

It’s refreshing to see that all McDonald’s don’t have employees with disdain for law enforcement.  In fact, one in Titusville is quite the opposite.  It’s just a shame it took losing two of Brevard’s fine4st to see this on display. 

After Monday’s announcement that the Sheriff and Brevard Schools are considering arming select school employees the detractors are out in full force.  They are not the majority, but they will be vocal.  One Florida Today writer, a father who is certainly entitled to his opinion, has weighed in.  I disagree and many of you will as well.  Florida Today has placed their editorial on AR-15’s on the front page above the fold.  Oh, you can keep yours, but no more.  That’s what they want anyway. 

We interrupt your WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY for important public discussion of issues impacting us.  In hour 2 School Board member Tina Descovich will join us to talk about security in our schools, the news security plan and reaction so far.  Then, in our final hour, Palm Bay Police Officer David Morales joins us to discuss law enforcement’s response to active shooter, training and protocol and how they have changes through the years.


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