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Stoneman Douglas High School Reopens Today  (Parkland, FL) -- Today marks a milestone in a school's attempt to start what its principal calls the healing process. Parkland's Stoneman Douglas High School will reopen today on a reduced schedule for the first time since the deadly shooting two weeks ago. The building where the shooting happened will remain closed. One student tells 'Local 10 News' she doesn't know if she can even look at the building where her best friend was killed.

Candlelight Vigil Held For Parkland Victims (Tallahassee, FL) -- Once mother is hoping victims of the Broward County school shooting can leave behind a history-making legacy. A candlelight vigil was held last night in Tallahassee at Waller Park. The “Tallahassee Democrat” was there and spoke to Randi Weisselberg.  Her 15-year-old daughter survived the shooting, but a friend of hers died. Weisselberg stated her daughter and others can make history by pushing for changes that will make our country safe.

Uber Driver Who Took Cruz To School Speaks  (Parkland, FL) -- Minutes before apparently killing 17 people, an Uber driver says Nikolas Cruz was just a normal, quiet person. The woman who drove Cruz to Stoneman Douglas High School before the shooting says he gave no indication in the 13-minute drive that there was anything unusual. She tells CBS4 he told her he had a guitar in his backpack and was heading to music class. That guitar turned out to be the gun he allegedly used in the attack two weeks ago today.

Police, Parents Question School's response To Shooting Threats  (Belle Isle, FL) -- Police and parents are questioning how a school handled two recent threats. Belle Isle's Cornerstone Charter Academy received two threats in the last two weeks, but the school never contacted police or parents. Channel 9 reports the school's principal told the police chief in a letter that police didn't need to be called because no weapons were suspected. The school's board will hold a meeting this afternoon to discuss safety protocols.

Viera High Grad To Appear On Survivor  (Viera, FL) -- Fans of Survivor will have a local to root for this season. Viera High grad Sebastian Noel will appear on 'Survivor: Ghost Island' that debuts tonight at 8:00 on CBS. The 22-year-old graduated five years ago, and he's now a fishing guide in Satellite Beach. His appearance comes after Satellite Beach's Ashley Nolan finished sixth in last season's installment of Survivor.

Gator Found In Woman's Pool  (Merritt Island, FL) -- At least one pool owner will be checking twice the next time she wants to swim. A Merritt Island woman found a six-foot long gator in her pool yesterday. A trapper was called and removed the unwanted guest. The trapper tells Channel 9 the warm weather has gators looking for fresh water to hydrate their skin. MAYBE NEXT SEASON IT’S SURVIVOR MARRITT ISLAND?

Resident Suing Over Damage Caused By Pothole  (Jacksonville, FL) -- The City of Jacksonville, Florida is being sued over a large pothole. The six-foot pothole has been in the ground for months and Victor Letourneaut [[luh-TURN-oe]] says it caused thousands-of-dollars in damage to his Ford truck late last years and he did not get any financial help to fix it from the city. A claims adjuster ruled the city is not liable because, in part, Letourneaut knew about the pothole, and the city was in the process of making repairs. Letourneaut tells First Coast News" repairs didn't start until months later, and he's planning to take the matter to small claims court.

Elvis Running For Congress  (Little Rock, AR) -- Elvis Presley is a candidate for a Congressional seat in Arkansas. The candidate Elvis D. Presley performs shows as the King, and has filed to run as a Libertarian nominee for the First Congressional District in eastern Arkansas. He's previously run for Arkansas governor, land commissioner, and for the state legislature. NOW WE JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR HIM TO CHANGE TO NPA, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT AND WE CAN FOLLOW ANOTHER BOUNCING ELVIS!


2013, Pope Benedict the 16th officially resigned from the papacy after meeting with more than 100 cardinals who traveled to Rome to help elect his successor. Benedict became the first Pope to step down as leader of the Roman Catholic Church in almost 600 years.

1993, U.S. federal agents engaged in a shootout with the Branch Davidian religious cult in Waco, Texas. Four agents and six cult members were killed in the crossfire.

1983, CBS aired the final episode of "M*A*S*H." The show became the most watched program in television history. An estimated 125-million people in the U.S. tuned in to CBS to watch the show.

1972, President Nixon returned from his historic week-long visit to China.

1827, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad became the first railroad incorporated for the commercial transportation of people.

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