An Active Shooter Plan: Schools and Sheriff team up

It was good to see the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and the School District work together to find safety solutions for active shooter scenarios in our schools.

Sheriff Ivey and Superintendent Blackburn made the joint announcement on Monday.  The plan, in addition to enhanced training for active shooter situations for staff and students, additional school resource officers around the county and enhancing security measures, calls for volunteer school staff to be trained and carry firearms at work.

Those staff members will undergo 130 hours of training to be certified as on-site Marshals deputized by the Sheriff to carry out protective duties in the event of an active shooter.

There are no mandates for employees to be in the program, only those comfortable with the role, and the training will be first rate.

This is a great first step, the School Board seems to favor and it puts Brevard way ahead of the curve.

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