How PC and Greed Killed 17

In the 2011-2012 school year Broward County Schools led Florida with 1062 student arrests.

To rectify the problem, and remove the black eye from Broward schools, the district and no less than 13 other agencies entered into the BROWARD COUNTY COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT ON SCHOOL DISCIPLINE.

It lays out guidelines for ignoring criminal behavior by seeking to not arrest the offenders, but to divert the little criminal to an in-school or other discipline and assistance program. 

They note in the agreement that arrested students were more likely to be of color, disabled or LGBTQ.  We now have a politically correct guide for arrests.  They also get federal grant money for implementing the PC program. 

Ignoring crime leads, not to reformation, but more drastic criminal behavior.  It’s just possible that PC and greed killed 17 students and staff at Douglas High School.

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