This week Royce Bartlett and I received an interesting email from a person who shared an article from ZERO HEDGE that discussed the so called “common sense gun control” being proposed by some in the wake of last week’s Broward County school shooting.  There is a lot of alarmism and banter about controlling guns or not doing so and I have tried to avoid that debate in looking for solutions to a school shooting scenario.  The email and the subsequent responses speak for themselves.  Today I share them with you:

The Initial email:

Bill, Royce,

Possible article for comments from either or both of you. I do agree with the author and I have heard most of the included points made by both of you.

In part the author states:

"The larger issue, though, is that this “common sense” mantra is tied exclusively to LAWS.

Guess what? There are already laws, rules, regulations, and procedures on the books. They’re not working.

In the November 2017 mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the shooter was able to purchase weapons because the Air Force erroneously failed to record his military court-martial.

And with the Florida shooting, the FBI had the suspect on a silver platter and did nothing.

It’s clear that the laws on the books aren’t being properly implemented. Yet the solution people want is MORE LAWS.

How about better execution? How about applying that all-important “common sense” to the way laws are carried out?

This is conspicuously missing from the debate.”

Keep up the good work guys!

And then my reply:

Article lays out the problem of poor, knee jerk reaction, but fails to identify any solution.

The solution is proper attention to warning signs, properly dealing with people exhibiting them, recognizing that evil exists and that the problem is in the heads and hearts of bad guys.

Until we can call a spade a spade, properly segregate those who are mentally or emotionally incapable, instead of this inclusion in classrooms with those who are not so afflicted, our schools will continue to be in jeopardy from violence- no matter the chosen implement.

Until we again drag our kids to church reinforcing the moral character being upheld at home, kids on their own will float toward the compassionate arguments of everyone being the same and nobody should be considered to be more advanced than their peers. When the sad realization of their own deficiency settles in, some will be pushed over the edge.

A strong moral foundation, a sense of right and wrong, a commitment to exhibiting those traits in life should our goals for our children.

For society, crying for this “common sense” should be our mantra, political correctness and sensitivity be damned.

Thanks for the note...


I then got a response from the emailer:

I agree with you, and until we can call progressives what they are (not liberals - progressives), which is Marxists and Communists we will continue to go down the drain as a Republic with PC and depravity leading the way.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

The biggest problem is that I see and hear is that many folks, including the column our emailer shared with us, citing problems of the argument of the other side, or making those ridiculous “assault weapon ban” pleas as if they are a solution or debunking the opposition is a win.  Where are the real solutions?  We have to be able to have the honest conversation before we will find it.

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