WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: smart brevard kids edition

Brevard Kids Prove They Are!

The list grows- we have a ton of things in play for today’s BML, but it’s YOUR day…so what is it that‘s on your mind?  Me?  Driverless taxis, local kids who are very smart (of course at least one has a parent in this audience), McDonald’s has a cop problem-and a consistency problem, Brevard Schools should listen to a guy who wants to sub, SURE, let’s go back to colonial times, we need a new County Attorney (who apparently thinks a lot of himself), the County Commission OK’s your local dope store, while politicians argued gun control a student invented a classroom safety device, a Colorado lawmaker was a student at Columbine during that tragic event- the country should listen to him and Clarence Thomas is a wise man- those stories are all in play today on our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…what’s it going to be?


Driverless taxis hit the streets (let’s hope that’s all they hit)

Smart kids win competition, scholarships at FIT JA event

McDonalds cop policy not the model of consistency


Sub issues?  Schools should pay attention to this

FT letter wants colonial times…let’s do that!

Knox retiring as County Attorney

Commission OK’s local dope stores

Old Mel High project has funding issues

Downtown Melbourne hotel gets backing, nameplate

Torres: Palm Bay history says serve the cop!

What I said: last week’s MICKnuggets in print


Politicians argue gun control- students invents safety device

Democrats focus on tax cuts angers supporters

Clarence Thomas right on victimhood

Listen to the Colorado lawmaker who was IN Columbine

Levin launches Fox News Channel show

Air Force Academy Dropping Standards?

Data privacy?  Not once you hit send

ICE during Trump v during Obama

At least one DREAMer gets it

NASA has moon budget…later

Draining the Swamp- a start on the 9th Circuit

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