Perspectives and Dangerous Commentary


Perspectives are interesting things.  They are what make my job so very interesting.  While appreciating different perspectives is one thing; understanding them is quite another.  For example two letter writers to Florida Today have taken on my thoughts on a couple of different issues.  One is on my sense of humor and my enjoyment of curling.  The other has more serious thought on running against Representative Bill Posey.  Today, I add insight the dissension.  Speaking of Curling, don’t tell me it isn’t Olympics worthy when over the weekend we learned that it now has its very own doping scandal!  It’s happening- driverless taxi’s are hitting the streets.  Would you take one?

The City of Melbourne took a dangerous path.  Council stuck its nose back in the EG Arts District mural flap.  We have another such example that the city should heed before getting into the censorship business in a district it allowed for the purpose that people now whine about.  I told you so.  Just last week after the Parkland school shooting, I said that it would be an excuse for schools to ask for more money rather than prioritize spending and programs.  We have the story.  Brevard will need to search for a County Attorney.  I hope this time they find one who has a grasp of ethics and legality. 

Should Governor Scott resign over the School shooting last week?  He’s calling for the FBI Director’s head, but Scott’s own state agencies missed opportunities to intercede before that tragic event.  Ricky lives in a big glass house and should keep his rocks to himself.  There were many warning signs missed before that event and there is plenty of blame to go around.  Should the state take a guilty plea from the shooter?  He’s willing to enter one IF the death penalty is off the table.  Is that a deal the state should make?  IT’s our web poll this week here on the web page.


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