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Polk County Starts Program To Train And Arm Teachers (Bartow, FL) -- Polk County's sheriff wants to give teachers what he calls a fighting chance. Grady Judd yesterday announced a new program to arm and train teachers. He said a crazed gunman would think twice if he or she knew those on campus were armed. To those who might disagree with his plan, the "Orlando Sentinel" reports Judd said, "OK, Einstein, you got a better idea?"

Teen Murder Suspect Turns Himself In (Cocoa, FL) -- The nationwide search for a teenager wanted for a murder in Cocoa is now over. Maryland 19-year-old Joshua Keravuori turned himself in yesterday in Georgia for killing Ocala 65-year-old Terry Hilliard this month. Hilliard's body was found at the Dixie Motel on Forrest Ave, and his car was later found abandoned in Hialeah. No motive has been announced for the murder.

Brevard County Officer Killed In Crash (Titusville, FL) -- We lost one of Brevard’s Finest over the weekend.  A blown tire is believed to be the cause of a crash that killed a Brevard County deputy. It occurred on I-95 South in Titusville. The sheriff's office says the driver of a semi truck lost control when a tire blew and the truck crashed into the patrol car driven by Field Training Officer Kevin Stanton. No one else was hurt, and no charges have been announced.

Workers Saved After Being Stranded 18 Floors Up (Jacksonville, FL) -- In a story that could be from a television script a couple men are the beneficiaries of some specialized training by Jacksonville firefighters. Members of the JFRD yesterday performed a rare and dangerous high-angle rescue on the 18-story BB-and-T building downtown. Two workers were left dangling by the side of the building when their support plank gave way. The men were not hurt, and as they were pulled to safety, the "Florida Times-Union" reports the crowd on Forsyth Street broke out into applause.

Vigil Held For Broward School Shooting Victims (Coral Springs, FL) -- A vigil was held last night in Coral Springs for the victims of the Broward school shooting. Residents say Coral Springs and Parkland have become one since 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. One parent tells the "Naples Daily News" that everyone knows someone affected by the shooting and he describes the last few days as absolutely numbing. Broward Schools Announce Plans To Reopen Douglas High School (Parkland, FL) -- That school, now changed forever, will do its best to return to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. The Broward school district announced yesterday the plans to reopen Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Teachers and staff will return Friday morning in Parkland, and students and parents can attend a voluntary orientation Sunday afternoon. Classes will resume a week from today on a modified schedule. DCF Releases Report On Cruz (Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- DCF is defending an investigation that found Nikolas Cruz was not a threat to himself or anyone else. The Department of Children and Families' report was released last night after a judge's order. The report finds that the agency knew two years ago that Cruz wanted a gun, but the investigation was closed just two months later. DCF says the investigation occurred well before last week's shooting and the agency did not drop the ball. Education Plan For Cruz Shows 'Profile Of A Mass Killer' (Parkland, FL) -- When it comes to Nikolas Cruz, one expert says Broward educators missed significant red flags. Local 10 News obtained documents of the education plan for Cruz that show his fascination with guns and preoccupation with wars and terrorism. Former ESE specialist Dottie Provenzano says the documents portray a very troubled young man with the profile of a mass killer. Cruz was allowed to transfer from a school for troubled students to Douglas High School, but Provenzano claims it's clear he didn't get the support he needed at that time.

Woman Accidentally Shoots Husband Trying To Shoot At Neighbor (Detroit, MI) -- A Detroit woman is behind bars for allegedly shooting her husband while aiming for a neighbor. The husband and neighbor were arguing over money a couple of day ago when the woman pulled the trigger. Muhammad Jamil says the two owe him about 15-hundred dollars for work he did on their house, and as they fought, his neighbor dropped his gun and the woman started to shoot. The husband was shot in the leg while Jamil got away unscathed. He calls it a "little confrontation" that got out of hand.


2013, former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. pled guilty to campaign finance fraud. He was accused of improperly using 750-thousand dollars in campaign funds to live a lavish lifestyle.

1962, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth.

1944, the "Batman and Robin" comic strip appeared in newspapers for the first time.

1872, The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in New York City.

1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act.

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