Saturday night I thought it was a restaurant a block or two away suddenly having live music on a busy night. 

Apparently I was wrong. 

It was approaching midnight and southern rock was echoing around the neighborhood. Lynyrd Skynyrd, if I heard it right. 

Odd. It was not common for this neighborhood, yet, there was a restaurant not far and it was reasonably well played. I haven’t heard live entertainment around here before. I went back to reading and keeping an eye on the Winter Olympics. Eventually I went on to bed. 

An early riser at 3am for work every weekday, for me the weekends aren’t much different. Sunday morning I was up at 4. With the Olympics in South Korea there was USA women’s hockey on TV. Back to the books, the Olympics and coffee. Left over cinnamon rolls were breakfast. 

The hockey game over, one book finished that I had started Saturday, it was time for show prep. The coffee, the iPhone, another book and I made it to the back porch for some reading and enjoying the cool morning. And there it was again. 

The guitar playing was respectable, but very odd at this time of day. Certainly no restaurant or bar was still going strong. Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama, transitioned into The Blues Brothers, Soul Man. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad. Maybe it’s the distance and this is someone’s playlist sounding like a late night practice session for some wannabe musician. And then a ukulele...had to be a playlist. Someone partied all night and decided to regale the neighborhood with his favorite tunes. 

I was more curious than agitated. It made me wonder about others living nearby. I can imagine seniors or families with kids being driven crazy by the inconsiderate neighbor. Why hasn’t this been stopped? Has no one called the police to see what the disturbance is all about and if it could be halted?

It’s back to sounding like garage band practice with runs on the electric guitar. But, no, a voice too good to be the all night partier is drifting in and out of the music. Curious. 

And like the cat, it got the better of me. I called the nonemergency number for IHBPD, just to see if they had complaints. They had received one saying the music started about 6am. There is a marathon later this morning that stages at the nearby city park, it’s possible there is a band as entertainment for the event. They would not be starting this early. The PD had just dispatched an officer to locate the source.

Later in the morning I discovered it was a MUSIC MARATHON. I haven’t been a detective in a while, but the clues were beginning to mount up. I stopped for mail on the way home from church. The music seemed it was emanating from the Publix Plaza. It could be echoing off the walls...but it was much more clear in this spot...and I no longer hear it on the porch.

Well, it was good while it lasted. How was your weekend?

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