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We'll have the latest on the Broward County school shooting with WIOD's Manny Munoz at 7:10 this morning on Bill Mick LIVE.  Here is what we know now:

17 Dead, Five Shooting Victims Have Life-Threatening Injuries (Parkland, FL) -- Seventeen people are dead after a Broward County school shooting, but that number could climb. Five people shot yesterday at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High have life-threatening injuries. CNN reports the other nine victims still in the hospital are expected to survive.

Former Classmate Not Shocked By Shooting (Parkland, FL) -- While many are shocked by the Broward County school shooting, some former classmates of the suspect are not. A current student at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School says former student Nikolas Cruz was always talking about guns, knives and hunting, and he seemed like the kind of kid who would do something like this. Students also tell the "Miami Herald" Cruz was a troubled kid who used to curse at teachers.

Relative Of Suspected Shooter Speaks (Parkland, FL) -- A relative of the suspected Broward County school shooter describes him as being a problem child. Barbara Kumbatovich was the sister of the woman who adopted Nikolas Cruz and his brother when Nikolas was born. The boys had been staying with family friends after their adoptive mother passed away in November. Kumbatovich tells the "South Florida Sun Sentinel" she believes Nikolas was taking medication for emotional issues, and he had received counseling when he was younger.

Governor Meets With Families Of Victims (Parkland, FL) -- The governor is dealing with a range of emotions after the Broward County school shooting. Rick Scott was in Parkland last night to meet with families of those shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He says he's mad about what happened but also proud of the work of doctors and nurses who treated the victims. He's also confident law enforcement will do everything it can to keep every child in the state safe.

Grief Counseling Available For Students And Staff (Parkland, FL) -- Help is available today for those grieving the Broward County school shooting. Grief counselors are available today for students at Parkland's Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School. Those interested can arrive at Pines Trail Park, the Coral Springs Gymnasium or the Coral Springs Center for Performing Arts beginning at 8:00. Counseling will also be available for staff at Parkland Library and Westglades Middle School.

State Will Cover Funeral Costs Of Shooting Victims (Tallahassee, FL) -- The state is trying to give grieving families in Broward County one less thing to worry about. Attorney General Pam Bondi announced yesterday the state will cover the funeral costs of the 17 victims in yesterday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She also says the state will pay for counseling for the survivors, and it will do everything it can to help the victims' families.

City Hall Petitioner Arrested For Battery Of City Official (Palm Bay, FL) -- A man is facing charges for showing what a Palm Bay official calls an incredible lack of restraint. The unidentified man is accused of battery on a code enforcement officer who tried to remove signs the man posted outside city hall. The man was trying to get people to support his petition yesterday, but it's illegal to post signs on city property without approval. When the officer tried removing the man's signs, police say he grabbed the woman so hard that he left marks on her arm.


2013, more than one thousand people were injured in Russia after a meteor blast. Astronomers say the meteor probably weighed ten tons and entered the Earth's atmosphere at a shallow angle before exploding roughly 25 miles above ground.

2006, four days after accidentally shooting his friend, high profile Texas attorney Harry Whittington, during a quail hunt, Vice President Dick Cheney finally spoke out about the incident with Fox News. Cheney described the incident as, quote, "one of the worst days of my life." The 78-year-old Whittington was hospitalized and treated for a minor heart attack that was triggered by the shooting.

2005, the video-sharing website YouTube, was launched.

1965, Canada displayed its new red and white Maple Leaf flag. It replaced the old Union Jack.

1898, 260 crew members were killed when the United States battleship Maine exploded in a harbor in Havana, Cuba. The unexplained blast increased tensions between the U.S. and Spain and eventually led to the Spanish-American War.

1804, New Jersey became the last northern state to abolish slavery. AND THEN THEY STARTED INSTITUTING THEIR SYSTEM OF TAXES AND REINSTATED SLAVERY IN THAT WAY!

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