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Sheriff Praises Deputy Who Tackled Student (DeLand, FL) -- A deputy's actions that shocked many are drawing praise from his boss. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood yesterday defended a deputy seen on video slamming a Spruce Creek High School student to the floor last week. Chitwood says Deputy James Moore saw a volatile situation headed out of control, and he took quick action to stop it. Chitwood also released more video of the incident, and Moore can be heard on his body cam pleading with the student to calm down before he grabs him, throws him to the ground and handcuffs him. THERE ARE TIMES TEENS REQUIRE BEING TREATED AS ADULTS…THIS IS ONE OF THEM

Orange County Teachers Protest For Higher Pay (Orlando, FL) -- Orange County teachers are taking steps to get a raise. Teachers yesterday rallied outside a school board meeting where they called for higher pay. They're also saying they won't do any overtime work this week. District leaders tell Channel 9 they need more money from the state before teachers can get raises. AAAAAAAND, WORKING TO THE CONTRACT IS BACK…HERE, WANT $200?

Brevard County Looks To Address Substitute Teacher Shortage (Titusville, FL) -- Brevard County Schools are looking at ways to solve a recurring problem. School board members yesterday held a workshop to discuss how to find more substitute teachers. The district estimates at least 200 subs are needed every day, and dozens of openings usually go unfilled. "Florida Today" reports board members are considering outsourcing the hiring of substitute teachers to a private company, but one board member believes the district needs to offer better incentives for substitutes. WE HAVE THIS ON TAP FOR TODAY’S SHOW, BUT IT’S WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY AND UP TO YOU IF WE GET THERE.

Allegiant Airlines Announces New Hub At Destin-FWB Airport (Eglin AFB, FL) -- Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport is celebrating what it calls a huge win for the region. Allegiant Airlines announced yesterday the airport will be home to its new hub. Flights will be available to North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana. The new hub is expected to bring 65 new jobs and, over the next five years, more than 400-million dollars in tourism revenue. MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL- DID YOU EVEN TRY?

Cost of Loving Index' Reveals Gift Prices Remain Nearly Unchanged (Houston, TX) -- According to the latest Cost of Loving Index, prices of "affection-expressing" gifts remain virtually unchanged this Valentine's Day. Houston Asset Management has tracked nine popular gifts since 1990 and reports no price change for five gift options from last year. Valentines can expect to pay roughly the same on a bottle of Simi California Chardonnay, a dozen long-stemmed roses, a designer silk tie, Victoria's Secret lingerie and a satin heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolates. The National Retail Federation expects American's will spend nearly 150-dollars this year. A survey finds 30 percent of people wait until two or three days before Valentine's Day to buy gifts. Retail-Me-Not also found dinner out is now the most popular among the top five things that people ask for on Valentine's Day. The survey also finds 23 percent of singles will treat themselves to a nice dinner and 18 percent will buy themselves gifts. IF YOU HAVE WAITED UNTIL TODAY…HURRY!

Man Lands Chopper To Impress Woman (Raleigh, NC) -- WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING FOR VALENTINES DAY, DO NOT GO TO THESE LENGTHS: Charges are being filed in North Carolina against a man accused of posing as an Army general and landing a helicopter to impress a woman. Christian Desgroux appeared in a Raleigh federal court this week for the early November stunt, which officials say included him suited up in full battle military dress with three stars and saluting security at the campus of a tech company. The reported motive for the stunt is that the 57-year-old did it all to win the heart of a woman. The woman is married and had no idea what Desgroux was up to. He could spend three years in prison and is being held without bond. VALENTINES DAY WILL BE DIFFERENT IN THERE!


2013, the crippled Carnival cruise ship Triumph docked in Mobile, Alabama, four days after it suffered an engine room fire that knocked out power and plumbing for almost all of the 893-foot vessel. More than 42-hundred people were on board the ship, which had to be pushed and pulled by tugboats into Mobile.

1980, Walter Cronkite announced his retirement from the "CBS Evening News." Dan Rather was introduced as his replacement. AND THE TRAINWRECK BEGAN.

1929, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre took place in Chicago, Illinois. Noted gangster Al Capone and his gang killed seven members of a rival gang in a warehouse.


1912, Arizona was named the 48th state of the union.

1899, the U.S. Congress approved the use of voting machines for federal elections.

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