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Officer-Involved Shooting In Brevard County (Grant-Valkaria, FL) -- Alcohol appears to have played a role in an incident that led officers to shoot someone. That person is in critical condition after yesterday's shooting in Brevard County on Honey Lane in Grant-Valkaria. Sheriff Wayne Ivey tells "Florida Today" deputies were responding to a suicide in progress when the person, apparently under the influence of alcohol, became aggressive and was shot. The two deputies were placed on administrative leave.

Commuters Worried About Possible Highway Sniper (Undated) -- Police aren't saying if the gunman who killed a driver on I-95 this week in Boca Raton was someone who knew the victim or not. The thought that the shooting could have been random is alarming those who use the highway. One woman in West Palm Beach tells the "South Florida Sun Sentinel" she's wondering if she's safe or if she needs to avoid the road.

Sprinkler Thief Caught (DeLand, FL) -- A man is facing charges for causing what a business owner says are catastrophic losses. Paisley's Anthony Markgraf was arrested this week for stealing thousands of sprinklers last month from DeLand's John Puckett Ferneries. The value of the sprinklers is estimated to be 60-thousand dollars, and the fernery claims the loss of the sprinklers led to 30-thousand dollars worth of damages to their plants.

Sheriff Claims CareerSource Pinellas Forged His Signature (Clearwater, FL) -- A recent discovery about CareerSource Pinellas has the sheriff shocked and appalled. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri yesterday accused the agency of forging his signature and that of an HR employee on documents related to new hires in his office. Gualtieri tells the "Tampa Bay Times" CareerSource Pinellas has no ethics, morals or a sense of right and wrong. He also says he's looking into filing criminal charges against the agency.

Teen Accused Of Stealing Rifle And Ammo From Cruiser (Largo, FL) -- An alert police officer is credited with catching a teenager who stole a deputy's loaded rifle. Largo Police say this past weekend they arrested 18-year-old Devon Breaziel after an officer saw him running with a duffel bag he took from the back of a Pinellas County cruiser. Inside the bag was a loaded AR-15 rifle, ammo, a Taser, a bulletproof vest and a helmet. The cruiser was locked and parked at the home of a deputy, but the weapons were not secured in a lockbox as required.

Dating Study Says Women Judge Men With Older Phones (Dallas, TX) -- A report suggests you might want upgrade that phone if you're a single man. A study by dating site Match says women are 90-percent more likely than men to judge their date for having an older model of phone. Three-quarters of singles said they would be turned off if their date answered the phone without any explanation. Just having a phone around could be a hazard, as 60-percent say they don't want their date to place the phone on the table face up and 40-percent say it's rude when someone takes their phone to the bathroom.  LET’S SEE…#1- GET NEW PHONE…#2- FIND A DATE…

Couple Keeps Receiving Anonymous Amazon Packages (Acton, MA) -- A Massachusetts couple keeps getting mysterious packages in the mail. Mike and Kelly Gallivan say at first they got a kick out of the free Amazon gifts, but now after receiving 25 packages, they want them to stop. The Gallivans say they're mostly small, inexpensive trinkets, so they think they're coming from a retailer who buys their own items to boost their numbers. Because they're being bought anonymously, Amazon says they can't stop the shipments. THEY CAN’T STOP THEM…THEY KNOW EVERY SITE YOU LOOK AT ON THE WEB, ADVERTISE TO YOU ACCORDINGLY, BUT THEY CAN’T STOP THESE BECAUSE THE BUYER IS ANONYMOUS?


2009, baseball star Alex Rodriguez admitted to using performance enhancing drugs between 2001 and 2003.

1999, the Reverend Jerry Falwell suggested that "Tinky Winky," one of the characters on the popular children's TV show "Teletubbies," was gay. WHAT TIPPED HIM OFF?  THAT VISIT TO BERT AND ERNIE’S HOUSE?

1994, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.

1964, the "G-I Joe" action figure made its debut.  PRETTY SURE THE TERM “ACTION FIGURE” WASN’T AROUND JUST YET.

1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed the State Department was filled with Communists.

1943, the World War Two battle of Guadalcanal ended in victory for the U.S. when the Japanese were forced to evacuate.

1895, the first college basketball game was played. Minnesota State School of Agriculture defeated Hamline College nine-to-three. WAS DEAN SMITH ALREADY COACHING?

1870, the United States Weather Bureau was authorized by Congress. The organization is now known as the National Weather Service.

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