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Port Canaveral Gets Millions From State For Road Improvements (Port Canaveral, FL) -- Port Canaveral is very excited about what it calls a very significant show of support from the state. Governor Rick Scott announced this week that Port Canaveral was awarded more than eight-million dollars in grant money for road improvements. Port commissioners voted yesterday to accept the grant, but the port will need to kick in almost four-million dollars to complete the road projects. Port Authority CEO John Murray says he appreciates the governor's continued commitment to Florida's ports.

New Poll: Possible Senate Race Between Scott, Nelson Tightening (Undated) -- A new Mason-Dixon poll finds a possible U.S. Senate race between current Florida Governor Rick Scott and Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson would be very close. Scott is term limited as governor, but has not yet said whether he plans to run for Bill Nelson's Senate seat. The new statewide poll finds if such a race were held today, Nelson would win by between one and six points, which means support for Nelson has dropped in the last year and increased for Scott.

Orlando Airport Officials Considering Replacing TSA Agents With Private Security Guards (Orlando, FL) -- Orlando International Airport (the REAL Orlando airport) officials are discussing a plan to possibly replace Transportation Security Administration agents with private security guards. Exactly why they are considering the move is not clear. OIA was the busiest airport in Florida in 2017, and also had some of the most guns confiscated from carry-on baggage at security checkpoints.

Uber Driver Attacked, Critical Condition (St. Petersburg, FL) -- Two men have been arrested and an Uber driver is in critical condition after being attacked in St. Petersburg. It happened Tuesday night in a McDonald's parking lot. Marvin Carroll was beaten up after forcing two passengers from his car. Officers say he did that because he believed one of them was a juvenile runaway.

Burglar Found Taking Bath, Fully Clothed (New Port Richey, FL) -- A woman's recent behavior appears to be both criminal and bizarre. Ashley Montero was arrested this week for breaking into a home in New Port Richey and taking a bath with her clothes on. Pasco County deputies say the homeowner found the woman in his tub and his clothes in a pile on the front lawn. They also say a neighbor told them the woman used to live in the home years ago. WELL, IF SHE’D HAVE ONLY TAKEN OFF HER CLOTHES FOR THE BATH…

"Panty Thief" Strikes (Moiliili, HI) -- There's a real life "panty thief" on the loose in Hawaii. Officers on Oahu say it's been going on for months and the most recent theft happened over the weekend at some apartments. Surveillance footage shows a man removing only women's underwear from a clothesline and then taking off. Officers are not positive if the weekend theft is connected to other similar panty raids that have taken place over the last three months but they're investigating the case. MAYBE HE COULD HAVE HELPED THE BATH TAKING BURGLAR?

Flat Earth Rocketeer Fails Again (Amboy, CA) -- Third time's not the charm for a man trying to prove the Earth is flat with a homemade rocket. Mike Hughes on Saturday once again tried to launch a steam powered rocket from the desert in Amboy, California. His attempt was aborted for technical reasons. Hughes started raising money for his rocket project last year with the goal of making it to space by late 2018 to prove NASA has been lying about the shape of the planet. His backup plan is to collect two-million dollars to fly way up in a balloon and then use a rocket pack to get even higher. WE SHOULD FUND THIS…AS LONG AS THERE IS NO MECHANISM FOR HIS RETURN TO EARTH.


2016, Chipotle closed all restaurants on this day for a company-wide food safety meeting.

2010, Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of pop superstar Michael Jackson.

1986, five-foot, seven-inch Spud Webb of the Atlanta Hawks won the NBA Slam Dunk competition.

1926, Walt Disney Studios was formed.

1918, "The Stars and Stripes" weekly newspaper of the American Expeditionary Forces was published for the first time.

1910, the Boy Scouts of America organization was incorporated.

1587, Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded in England after she was implicated in a plot to kill her cousin, Queen Elizabeth the First.

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