Faith, Felons, Frivolity & the FBI


In the wake of the Super Bowl we have seen several examples of people of faith in the public eye.  Eagles backup and Super Bowl MVP QB Nick Foles, when interviewed by SC 6’s Michael Smith, immediately gave thanks and credit to God for his success.  Smith, through his comments in response, indicated his shared faith.  Philadelphia head coach, former NFL backup QB Doug Pederson, gave the same credit in interviews immediately after the game (as had Foles). So, what about injured Eagles starter Carson Wentz?  He’ll be speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in his backup role for the Vice President who is in South Korea with the American Olympic team.  The humility exhibited by each of these men is noteworthy.

As a former SWAT cop, I know that training sites can be difficult to come by.  The FBI has found a good one in, of all places, Satellite Beach.  The folks whining about this remind me of the poor, scared lady who had the cop removed from the Tennessee Outback that we discussed yesterday.  Fear for nothing resulting in overreaction by the unknowing.  We should be better than this.

We didn’t get to finish our discussion of the errant Florida Today opinion on restoring voting rights to felons in Florida.  We will get back to that today and a new opinion, equally as wrong, by none other than the BFT’s BIG TONY.  Fear that your union can’t muster enough members to remain a bargaining unit is not justification for not requiring a majority of potential members to be actual members before your union has those rights.

In the political realm we have Adam Putnam drifting away from fiscal conservatives and some outstanding observations by Newt Gingrich that Republicans everywhere need to embrace.


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