Police officers stand on the line between good and evil.  They do so willingly and with a sense of duty to protect our society from those who would do others harm.  Why we have folks who just don’t get it is beyond me.  When a cop is at dinner, if he’s lucky spending a brief moment away from the calls that place the officer in jeopardy so others don’t have to be, why not pick up the check instead of whining that the cops carrying a gun makes you afraid?  We have stupid people roaming among us.  We’ve had a win for the First Amendment in California of all places.  No wedding cake for you gals!  And what is up with the United States Olympic Committee?  The complaint is that the US team is not diverse enough. And here I thought it was about athletic competition and sending your best.  Silly me!

Florida Today’s editorial board wants those bad guys referenced above back in the fold and voting in our elections.  Gary Beatty, a former State Attorney assistant prosecutor made the compelling argument on this one.  Give some credit to ESFC President Jim Richey as he is looking out for the school’s employees. ESFC is well run and Richey gets a lot of that credit.  The Florida governor’s races are already candidate packed and now we just who begins to eliminate themselves from the running.  While Adam Putnam has been a fundraising juggernaut, he’s losing me on one particular set of priorities. 

New York lawmakers already aren’t the smartest on the planet.  They double down on the idiocy as they want plastic wrap and warning labels for Tide Pods!  On the other hand, Newt Gingrich is the smartest guy in the room…any room.  Republicans needs to listen to the senior statesman as they consider the future with President Trump and continuing to move the country forward!

Those are my attention grabbers this morning, but this is not my day…it’s yours!  WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: so, what’s on your mind?


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