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Falcon Heavy Launch A Success (Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX's CEO needs just one word to describe the launch of the world's most powerful rocket - epic. That's what Elon Musk said yesterday after the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy that sent a Tesla Roadster electric sports car into orbit. The rocket's two side boosters successfully returned to landing pads at Cape Canaveral eight minutes after liftoff, which created two sonic booms. The only drawback appears to be that the center booster did not land where it was supposed to and crashed into the ocean.

Puerto Rico Relief Supplies Damaged By Rats (Kissimmee, FL) -- Supplies meant for Puerto Ricans suffering from Hurricane Maria may never reach the island. A Puerto Rican government office in Kissimmee where donated supplies were stored has been shut down because of rats. The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration said yesterday it will distribute the donated items that remain to Puerto Rican families in need in Central Florida. A former Puerto Rican senator tells the "Orlando Sentinel" that it’s an example of government negligence.

Governor: Make Immediate Changes To Evacuation Plans (Tallahassee, FL) -- Governor Scott is telling the Florida Department of Transportation to make immediate and long term changes to the state evacuation plans. This comes after millions of people jammed up highways, trying to escape from Hurricane Irma. The governor wants to have a better plan for dispensing gas along state evacuation routes, making sure first responders have enough fuel. He also wants new options for fuel storage at Florida ports and to make better use of the shoulders on emergency routes to allow greater traffic flow.

School Board Member Misses Two More Meetings (Sanford, FL) -- The Seminole County School Board finds itself in what the chairperson calls uncharted territory. Member Jeffrey Bauer missed another meeting yesterday, and it has now been almost a year since he last attended a meeting. The board voted yesterday to send Bauer a letter to encourage him to think about quitting his seat. The board has no power to remove him from office or cut off his pay the "Orlando Sentinel" reports is more than 40-thousand dollars a year plus benefits.

Pinellas County Commission Removes CareerSource Board Chair (Clearwater, FL) -- Pinellas County is taking a step it hopes will make CareerSource's board more transparent. The County Commission yesterday voted to remove CareerSource Board Chairman Aundre Green from his position. The move comes after Green suspended CareerSource Pinellas CEO Ed Peachey with pay after initially refusing to do so. County commissioners say CareerSource's board needs to look out for the best interests of the taxpayers.

Miami Beach Official Surrenders On Corruption Charges (Miami Beach, FL) -- An anonymous tip is credited with taking down a Miami Beach official and more officials could also be in trouble. Former city building official Mariano Fernandez surrendered yesterday on charges of corruption for allegedly using his position to get free hotel stays from developers. Prosecutors say Fernandez traveled throughout the Caribbean and got VIP treatment for himself, his family and employees. City Manager Jimmy Morales talked to police after getting a tip from inside city hall over a year ago and he says he's planning an internal review.

Snoop Dogg Offering Support To Teen Punished For Re-tweeting Him (Tollhouse, CA) -- Rapper Snoop Dogg is offering his support to a California teen who got in trouble for re-tweeting one of his comments. Racquel Alec of Fresno County was suspended from her Sierra High School basketball team for liking and sharing certain tweets. One of them apparently showed Snoop Dogg holding a marijuana joint in his hand. A lawsuit was filed last month and Snoop is joining in to assist. He posted an Instagram comment this week saying "have her lawyers hit my team, this is nonsense."


2016, the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. The Broncos became champions for a third time after beating the Carolina Panthers, 24-10. Linebacker Von Miller won the MVP award, after recording two-and-a-half sacks and forcing two fumbles.

1994, Michael Jordan signed a contract to play baseball for the Chicago White Sox organization. JORDAN LANDED WITH THE BIRMINGHAM BARONS.

1985, "New York, New York" became the official anthem of New York City. IT SURE BEATS, YO!  YOU!  GET OUTTA MY WAY!

1965, boxer Cassius Clay became a Muslim and adopted the name Muhammad Ali.

1964, Beatlemania invaded the United States. Thousands of fans crowded New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to watch as the "Fab Four" arrived in the U.S. for the first time. They later appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

1922, "Readers Digest" went on sale for the first time.

1893, the telautograph machine was patented by Elisha Gray of Highland Park, Illinois. The machine automatically signed autographs to documents.

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