More Than A Rocket Launching Today


We’ll have a guest-filled and busy day on BML this morning.  We begin, as always, with Mick’s Morning News and there is one story that will dominate our news segment.  Mitch Needelman co-conspirator Matt Dupree has entered a guilty plea in Brevard’s biggest corruption trial in recent memory.  Dupree, as reported evidence shows, was the lynchpin in the conspiracy that deprived taxpayers of millions of dollars in a cash for campaign support scheme to try and bolster Needelman’s failed reelection campaign.  If the plea agreement has been crafted correctly, Dupree could be a wealth of information and a microscope into political corruption like we have never seen.

Jim Banke will join us at 6:25 to highlight today’s Falcon 9 Heavy launch by SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center.  In our 7am hour Sheriff Wayne Ivey will be with us by phone to discuss the idea of private police forces and his recent decision for the BCSO to investigate internally any officer involved shooting by one of his deputies.  I believe it’s a good call, yet public response is less than enthusiastic.

And in hour three, former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos will provide analysis of the House MEMO and the FBI’s use of the partially Clinton funded dossier in obtaining FISA warrants.  The politics of this are ugly and the implications, if portrayed accurately, are not good for the FBI.


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