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Riverview Man Arrested For Stalking Lana Del Rey (Riverview, FL) -- A Riverview man is being held without bond after reportedly stalking and planning to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey. Michael Hunt was arrested outside the Amway Center in Orlando on Friday after authorities found concert tickets and a knife with a three-inch blade on him. Prosecutors say his social media account was also full of posts about her, even referring to her as his "wife." Hunt appeared in court yesterday where he refused a lawyer. He has 61 prior felony convictions.

Trial Beginning For Man Accused Of Shooting FWC Officer (Bay County, FL) -- Jury selection is beginning for a man accused of shooting a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer. Prosecutors say in August of 2015, Samuel Reager shot Officer David Brady during an altercation on a boat in St. Andrew Bay. Reager is then accused of stealing Brady's boat and trying to run him over.

Suspicious Package At IKEA Not A Threat (Jacksonville, FL) -- It's business as usual at the Jacksonville IKEA after the discovery of a suspicious package. The store was evacuated and closed Saturday afternoon after the bag was found in the parking lot. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the bag contained silver pots and there was no threat. The store reopened yesterday.

Eagles Beat Pats In Super Bowl 52 Behind Monster Offensive Performance (Minneapolis, MN) -- The Philadelphia Eagles batted down a Tom Brady hail Mary attempt to clinch a 41-33 win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium. It was the first Super Bowl victory in Eagles' history. Brandon Graham forced a Brady fumble late in the fourth quarter that Derek Barnett recovered in what was New England's only turnover of the game. Philadelphia took the lead on the previous drive when Nick Foles found Zach Ertz in the end zone from 11 yards out with 2:21 left in the final quarter. The seven-minute-and-one second drive was a response to the Pats taking their first lead of the game on Rob Gronkowski's second touchdown from Brady. Philadelphia took a 22-12 lead into halftime off a fourth-and-goal trick play score that saw tight end Trey Burton throw a one-yard TD pass to quarterback Nick Foles. Foles finished throwing for 373 yards, three touchdowns and one interception to earn MVP honors. The Eagles averaged 6.1 yards per rush on their way to 164 yards on the ground. Brady broke his own Super Bowl record throwing for 505 yards. He also tossed three TDs.

Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Pot Dispensary (San Diego, CA) -- One enterprising Southern California Girl Scout saw that cookie season began about the same time California's legalized marijuana sales kicked off. So she set up her cookie stand outside the Urbn Leaf marijuana dispensary in San Diego. KGTV reports the scheme was a success. The Scout sold more than 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to Urbn Leaf customers who wanted something to snack on after they lit up later. Officially, Girl Scouts are not a huge fan of cookie sales outside of pot shops. The Colorado chapter forbids any cookie sales outside dispensaries. THEY REFER TO IT AS SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL!

Florida Couple Fined For Artwork On Home (Mount Dora, FL) -- A Florida couple has to shell out thousands of dollars for a mural on their home. The Mount Dora homeowners have covered their home with renderings inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. They've been fined 100-dollars per day because the painting violates the city's sign ordinance. So far, the fines have added up to over eight-thousand-dollars. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE EAU GALLIE ART DISTRICT WHERE ALL THEY’D HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IS PLEASING THE FURNITURE SHOP OWNER ACROSS THE STREET!

Fans At WVU Help Singer Sing National Anthem (Morgantown, West Virginia) -- West Virginia University fans joined in to help out with the National Anthem this weekend when the singer's microphone kept cutting in and out. A young woman who was tasked with singing the Star Spangled Banner at a West Virginia basketball game was unable to project her voice. She had a technical glitch in her microphone so fans could only hear snippets of the song. So, Mountaineer and Kansas State fans came together to help the singer belt out the National Anthem. "West Virginia Illustrated" caught it all on camera as thousands chanted the tune. Thousands have viewed the video on social media.


2017, the New England Patriots became champions for a fifth time after completing the biggest Super Bowl comeback ever in Houston over the Atlanta Falcons…they did not repeat the feat last night.

2009, USA Swimming suspended Olympic superstar Michael Phelps from competition for three months following Phelps' admission to engaging in what he called "regrettable" behavior at a college party. Photos of the 23-year-old Olympian inhaling from a bong were splashed all over the media.

1997, investment bank Morgan Stanley announced a ten-billion-dollar merger with Dean Witter.

1971, the Apollo 14 astronauts, Alan Shepard Jr. and Edgar Mitchell, landed on the moon.

1953, Walt Disney's full length animated feature "Peter Pan" debuted.

1850, Frank Baldwin patented the first adding machine. It was 20 inches high and weighed ten pounds.

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