Political Rookie Makes Bad Call


Canada, our neighbor to the north: good people, beautiful country and irrelevant on the world stage. Could they be less relevant?  You bet ya!  And they are taking the step by neutering their national anthem.  The end of the month presents internet doom in the minds of some folks.  Oh, they should read the news and understand what they read, but their fear is they won’t be able to…idiots! 

Brevard Democrats are getting very active, if not politically astute.  One of their leaders made the astounding decision to run for congress.  How out of the loop is he?  Can he expect to get close to a win? If he does, he’s more ignorant than this move would make him appear.  He’s wasting big money, his time and he’s marking himself a loser.  Mitch Needelman’s co-conspirator and kingpin, Matt Dupree goes on trial Monday.  This is the important one.

Representative Randy Fine is with us at 7am.  His TDC bill is making progress, but has a bad amendment that adds cost and unnecessary bureaucracy to the process.  The state budget is a projected record, from supposedly conservative Republican control.  The big education bill in the house has teachers riled.  A federal judge is now making Florida election law.  And will the legislature man up and protect our voter information?

Wayne Price steps in for Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi in our 8am hour.  Tax cuts impacting local business, the Super Bowl and Palm Bay citizens taking action are in play as we close our week.


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