Racism- It ain't What You Think!


Racism is our hour one focus today.  Chief Wahoo is on his way out in Cleveland.  It’s brings the Washington Redskins discussion back to the sports world, but to their credit, the Redskins are standing on their heritage. In California a woman says she’s a victim of racial discrimination as her preferred hair products were under lock and key at WalMart.  Was it, or is the retailer doing what it should do?

Royce Bartlett called the verdict on Monday as he sat in for me.  A clime of self defense does not make it so and a Titusville man sands guilty of murder.  I’m not so sure I would not have pushed for First Degree.  Florida Today community columnist John Byron, the most liberal of citizen writers, darn near got one right.  Andy then he proved his colors as he addressed tax dollars for charity in his column. 

It’s laughable that the Florida Senate wants to make sexual harassment a crime.  Funny, the Senate President endorses political prostitution as one of his top aides bedded a top Democrat and that Dem has bent to her will ever since. Teachers unions are making incredible claims over the House comprehensive education bill.  They are no better than Big Tony and the BFT when it comes to outlandish rhetoric!

As promised we will take another look at the State of the Union with words Donald Trump used that no president had uttered in the prominent address before!  When it comes to that address, it caused Piers Morgan to have an actual epiphany (unlike Byron) and see what conservatives have been seeing since the Dixie Chicks decided to spout off about politics!  Those DREAMERS are not sympathetic figures at all, at least those in our story aren’t.  Pathetic is closer!


Indians to can Chief Wahoo logo

This is NOT racism


Royce called this one- murder is not self-defense

John Byron almost has an epiphany

TPD officer shoots dog…what do you expect?

More bad PR for Cocoa- maybe


Florida budget to be $87B+

FL Senate, laughingly, wants sexual harassment to be a crime

Teachers’ union makes outrageous claims on House bill

PI says lawmakers weren’t his target


Never before used words in the State of the Union

Piers has an epiphany (shut up, celebs)

DREAMERS can’t play sympathetic, pathetic maybe!

Republicans bailing from congress- afraid they will now have to act?

LE and THE WEB- read the news or Facebook for understanding

March for Life v the Women’s March

School fights back against FFRF

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