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Man Convicted Of Killing Neighbors (Titusville, FL) -- A jury is sparing a Titusville man's life in the killing his neighbors. Jurors yesterday convicted William Woodward of second-degree murder instead of first-degree murder. Instead of the death penalty, the worst punishment he can get is life in prison. Woodward shot and killed two men and wounded another more than five years ago during what prosecutors said was a neighborhood dispute.

CareerSource Pinellas Decides Not To Discipline CEO (Clearwater, FL) -- The governor is surprised by a decision made by CareerSource Pinellas. The board's executive committee yesterday decided not to discipline CEO Edward Peachey. Governor Rick Scott called for the board to take action over claims that Peachey inflated the number of people the publicly funded agency found jobs for. Scott's spokesman says the board's action shows it's not putting taxpayers and job seekers first. Peachey had no plans to step down as he responded to the inflated numbers claims. He says the system he used to count job placement was developed by the state. He also says stepping down would put an undue burden on his employees.  NOT TO MENTION HIS OWN WALLET?

Charity Organizer Arrested For Theft (Miami, FL) -- Instead of helping veterans, a fellow veteran is accused of stealing from them. Antonio Colmenares was charged yesterday for selling items donated to a non-profit and pocketing the profits. The retired Marine runs the Miami chapter of the Florida Veterans Foundation. A volunteer with the organization who is friends with Colmenares was also arrested for his role in the theft. GEE, IF HE WERE FEMALE, HE COULD SHARE SPACE WITH CORINNE BROWN!

Arrest In Cold Rape Case (Volusia County, FL) -- An arrest has been made in a Volusia County cold case rape investigation. The attack of a 47-year-old tourist happened nine years ago and no suspect had ever been identified, until now. After lawmakers in Tallahassee provided funding to test rape kits that had been sitting on evidence room shelves, a DNA match was found three months ago, leading to the arrest. The name of the suspect has not yet been made public.

Muslim Inmate Sues Oregon Over Lack Of Specific Meals (Portland, OR) -- An Oregon prison inmate is suing the state with claims his Muslim beliefs are not being met. Rashid Kambarov is a legal resident from Turkey who's serving time for rape and says the meals he's being served behind bars do not follow Islamic dietary law. IS THAT BECAUSE THE RAPE HE COMMITTED IS ONE OF THE PILARS OF ISLAM?  DO WE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THIS KIND OF CLAIM?  He calls it a violation of the First and 14th Amendments and a law that bars lockups from disrupting inmates' religious practices. The 29-year-old filed a complaint this week in U.S. District Court but a dollar amount has not been specified.

Lego Celebrates 60th Year With Massive Lego Brick (Enfield, CT) -- Toy giant Lego is kicking off its 60th year by constructing a ten-foot tall version of a Lego brick using 133-thousand smaller Legos. The company posted a time-lapse video showing master builders at Lego headquarters building the massive version of its classic two-by-four Lego brick. Lego says the big brick weighs-in at 12-hundred pounds and took about 350 hours to build. It was created for a display in New York City. THAT WAS ABOUT THE LEVEL OF SKILL I HAD WITH LEGOS OR LINCOLN LOGS…I COULD MAKE TALLER BRICKS OR LOGS & THAT WAS ABOUT IT!


2016, the Centers for Disease Control announced that an E. coli outbreak that left Chipotle customers sick across several states was over.

2003, upon its return to Earth after a 16-day mission in space, Space Shuttle Columbia dismantled over Texas, killing all seven crew members on board. The astronauts who perished in the tragedy included Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Blair Salton Clark, and the first ever Israeli in space, Ilan Roman.

1994, Jeff Gillooly pled guilty to racketeering and struck a deal to testify that his ex-wife Tonya Harding approved the assault on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

1982, "Late Night with David Letterman" debuted on NBC.

1968, Vince Lombardi resigned as coach of the Green Bay Packers.

1898, Travelers Insurance Company issued the first automobile insurance policy.

1862, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was first published in "Atlantic Monthly."

1788, the steamboat was patented.

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