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Maybe the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office needs to join last weekend’s women’s march and replace their uniform hats with those pink woolly vagina caps!

You see, at the Animal Services Division of the BCSO they are all about the cats…feral cats. They have even changed the terminology to make the idea of feral cats more palatable. They are now called “community cats.” Like they belong to everyone and we should all be taking care of them.

No, no and no, again.

The program being used by the Sheriff’s office is catching, spaying or neutering the felines and then returning them to where they were originally found! This practice is defended by the BCSO as helping to reduce the euthanasia rates for the animals to maintain the “No Kill” status of the county shelter. I’m sorry, but that is a poor excuse for dumping these animals back on an undeserving neighborhood.

I understand that there are few groups more passionate, vocal or harder to please than the animal rights activists. They are well intended and many do great work in volunteer groups for these unwanted creatures. But they can be a royal pain when their expertise is ignored in favor of the judgment of the agencies charged with handling animal issues. Everybody is an expert and the folks dealing with it on the ground are not as passionate or educated as they are. OK, fine. Share the information, volunteer and help as you can. But constant bickering gets us nowhere.

We should recognize that in many cases these cats are a nuisance or even a hazard to the community. That does not make them “community cats.” It makes them eligible to be put down. So, let’s quit playing political games to be seen as a no kill county and do what is right for the community with a good eye toward what is right for the animals…after we take care of the humans!

I’m pretty sure those pink caps do not go well with green uniforms!

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